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This article will help you gain an understanding on the importance of rodent, termite, and pest control.  Many families are unaware of a pest problem before it becomes too late, so understanding the issue and taking preventative measures can be a lifesaver.


Termites can be a real nuisance due to their ability to hide inside walls or tunnel in from under the soil outside your house.  They are able to construct mud tubes that lead from the soil straight into the foundation of your house and into the walls and flooring.  If wooden sections of your house are connected to the soil, this can often allow them to do this more easily.


Termites can be especially damaging to older or untreated properties, often causing billions of dollars in damage per year.  In order to prevent their appearance you should make sure to check decks and fences for damage.  Try to repair any leaky pipes or faucets that could result in a moist wood foundation.  Keep all of the vents and air ducts in your house as clear as possible.  Properly doing this can really help your chances.  This video can provide some more information on termite control: 


No one likes a rat, but these buggers can really cause pain points for many families.  Often times a rat problem can be treated if you have experience and purchase the correct traps. However, rats and mice can breed very quickly resulting in an infestation that can be really hard to treat.  

Make sure to seal up any entrances to your basement or home from the outside.  You never know where there could be a small weak point where mice and rats can slip in.  Their bodies, especially mice, fold to allow for easy entrance into the smallest of cracks.  

Keep your house clean from random food or other small morsels that a rat or mouse would be happy to eat.  Crumbs and other pieces of food are very attractive and will cause them to come back time and time again.


Be careful when using poison based killers.  If a rat or mouse eats some and then dies inside your wall, you might not be able to find it and be left dealing with an unpleasant stench.  It's best to leave treatment of this problem to the experts if you do not have experience dealing with a large rat or mouse infestation.

Bed Bugs

Maybe the worst pest that you will ever have to deal with, bed bugs can be a real nightmare and cause you to pay for an expensive full-house treatment due to their small size and ability to hide.  As a nocturnal insect, they only come out at night so finding them can be quite difficult.

Strange bite marks or skin rash can be a sign that you are sleeping with bed bugs.  Allergic reactions can occur and sometimes trouble sleeping can result due to psychological issues.

Bed bugs can slip in unnoticed on a person or pet who came in contact with them unwillingly. They can go months without food so trying to starve them out can prove futile.  Hopefully you catch this problem early.  Some pesticides prove ineffective so you'll need to resort to a vacuum cleaner to simply eliminate them as you see them.

The following video can help you gain a better understanding of bed bugs:


Generally if you have isolated them to bedsheets or the like, you can kill them by placing the sheets in the dryer for awhile.  Large scale infestations however can be very troublesome and the only option could be to call in an expert.  

Pest Control

Sometimes the best thing to do is simply call in an professional.  Some of these pests can take up residence in multiple locations in one house (or even multiple houses in the same complex) so you'll need to guarantee that you can finish them off for good.  Don't risk treating just one area of the house, only to have the entire problem reveal its ugly head again somewhere down the line.  Be smart and take preventative measures ahead of time!

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