Consider your daily routine. Does it include some or all of the following activities: Prepare Breakfast. Get the kids ready for school and husband ready for office. Supervise the maid. Always fire-fight for your work. Rush through the vegetable and grocery store. Prepare Lunch. Pick up your children. Prepare dinner. Help the kids with their homework. Put them to bed. And finally just wonder how your time has been lost.

Sound exhausting and familiar? If this is what you are co-relating yourself with, then there is probably a lot of unnecessary stress in your life. Managing time can reduce a lot of this stress. Therefore, managing time becomes extremely important. In this article, I will try and provide certain tips for time management.

1. The most important trick is to prioritize all tasks you envisage in your daily routine. You have to focus on important tasks especially realising that nothing is overlooked. One of the best ways to prioritize is to create a "to-do" list. First, list all the tasks that need to be accomplished. Rank them in order of importance. Keep the list realistic. Don't make the list too long in the start. This may discourage you from thinking of any time management. The list can increase as the days progress. Or the list may remain same if you follow time management tips religiously and actually reap the benefits of it.

2. Avoid wasting time in unnecessary things. You have to be absolutely clear in your minds about the tasks to be performed. If you are not sure about it, a lot of time is wasted in trying out multiple options. Also, when you do not fully understand the purpose of your role, a lot of time is spent questioning. This can not only result in tasks being done incorrectly but also will increase your stress level. And the time will anyway be wasted. You will work more efficiently if you understand the importance of the task and your role in it.

3. Try and do the job right in the first attempt itself. You have to do a lot of introspection. After duly considering your strengths and weaknesses, you need to plan meticulously for task. You need to identify various problems you may encounter. To avoiding mistakes try and correct the envisaged problems. After accomplishing the tasks, clearly spell out what "to do" or what "not to do" to prevent mistakes from reoccurring. You should be able to detect a pattern of mistakes and find a simple solution to the problem. Further, you have to not only do the job right the first time but also do it with quality. If you do a task in hurry with improper quality, you will any way have to work on the task all over again. To avoid this do the jobs right in the first time itself.

4. You have to learn consciously to delegate tasks. Delegation is the most important tool for effective time management. There are always two opinions about delegation and time saving from it. You may think that once you delegate, you may have to invest more time in supervising it and will not be sure of its quality. However, the real purpose of delegation is to give relevant tasks to the appropriate people. You should be rest assured of the competencies of all the people and believe in them. When the need arises, it is also useful to "swap" or assign certain tasks to specific people who would be in a better position than you to carry out the task.

5. It is extremely important to keep yourself motivated. And the best way to do this is to reward yourself from time to time, but definitely after successfully accomplishing your tasks. The first thing you have decide your goal. Then simply decide on a rewards or punishment for accomplishing that goal. Stick to the timeframe religiously and the decided rewards / punishments. If you complete task in stipulated time, by all means reward immediately. However, god forbid, if you don't, you should take specified punishment strictly. This can be a simple one initially. Then it can go on to change your bad habits as well. If you truly want to stop shunning work and learn to manage your time better, you should seriously consider doing something about it, because if you don't, the behavior will only continue.

6. Stop blaming others or circumstances for your failure. First of all try and accept the failure in right spirit. This will not only prepare you mindset for doing it rightly but also save valuable time. Also, blaming will not solve your problem. Ultimately you will have to do the task, which will further consume additional time and will throw all your time management plan into disarray. Believe in yourself especially your abilities. This will go a long way in planning timeframes for your jobs.

Focusing on these common areas of managing time should reduce the amount of time spent on each task. Given the huge numbers of tasks, the idea of time management has expanded beyond managing just workplace tasks. It has to be considered in all the house management as well. These time management tips can help you on course of your personal, professional as well as societal goals. Further it will improve the quality of lives in your surrounding. And give you the most important self confidence in achieving complex task with much ease.