Effective Ways of Reducing Hemorrhoids Pain.
Hemorrhoids are inflamed veins that are situated in the anal area. Many people especially women are affected by hemorrhoids at one stage in their lives. Despite the fact that hemorrhoids are painful and uncomfortable, the pain can be effectively reduced in several ways.

Some of the ways on How to Reduce Hemorrhoid Pain include:

1. Increase in fiber and fluids. Consuming adequate fiber and fluids help in softening stools thus making the bowel movements easier. Sources of fiber include: beans, wheat, fresh fruits and whole grain foods. The best form of fluid is water. Fiber helps to decrease inflammation and enlargement of the hemorrhoids and also eliminates hemorrhoid bleeding.

2. Physical exercise. Exercises such as walking or skipping for a few minutes daily will go a long way in stimulating bowel movements.

3. Instant waste elimination. One should never ignore the need or urge to go to defecate. The more you hold back, the higher the chances of increase in pressure and straining.

4. Treating the blood clot. An external hemorrhoid causes a blood clot to form. These clots tend to be very painful and so it is advisable to seek medical treatment if home treatment fails. Medical treatment could be in the form of a minor surgery.

5. Topical relief. There are creams available in local chemists. They act as local anesthetic. They are quite popular to soothing the pain. However, such creams should not be used for more than one week as they may have some effect of the skin.

6. Sitting positions. It is advised that affected person should sit on a soft surface such as a cushion. Sitting on a hard surface will increase the inflammation of the hemorrhoids and will trigger the formation of new hemorrhoids.

7. Sitz bath. This is a warm water birth for the central parts of the body, i.e. buttocks and hips. It greatly relieves itching, pain and irritation. It also reduces spasms of the sphincter muscle. Medical practitioners recommend a sitz bath after every bowel movement. It should last for around 15-20 minutes. After the bath, one should dry his anal area by patting gently with a towel. Alternatively one could also use a dryer to dry the area.

If affected, one should know the effective ways on How to Reduce Hemorrhoid Pain to reduce symptoms and avoid chances of future occurrence.

Can I treat internal hemorrhoids myself?

Is a common question people ask when in this situation. Suppositories are among the most popular treatments because they are natural and really easy to use. In order to make a suppository, you will first need to purchase a whole clove of garlic and then peel it. Simply insert this into your rectum three times per day and leave it in overnight if you can. If you don't want to use garlic, simply use a piece of a raw potato. Either of these can work as suppositories because they help to reduce inflammation.

A Sitz Bath is another effective treatment for internal hemorrhoids that you can use at home. First purchase a sitz bath, which you can find online or at most drug stores. From here, put this into your toilet as directed and fill it up with warm water. Sit on this for around 20 minutes and refill with warm water if necessary during that time. Get up slowly when you're done and dry yourself, and then you are done. This should be done around twice per day for it to be most effective.

Can I treat hemorrhoids myself with drug store products? Yes, as long as you have what you need when you need it. Stool softeners are great products to have because they decrease irritation in the area. You should also be eating more fiber so your body is able to product bowel movements more easily. There are a lot of foods you can eat that are high in fiber or you can use powders that mix into drinks. You should also purchase some petroleum jelly, which can be found for a few dollars just about anywhere. This can be applied to the inside of your anus to reduce irritation. If none of these things work you should go and see your doctor for help.