Oily skin does have one super advantage; it doesn’t wrinkle easily or early. In addition, fine lines and discoloration are slow to show as you age. There are disadvantages that also accompany oily skin. The right care can make your oily skin issues disappear.

Oily skin tends to be shiny with a thick dull feel. There are effective ways to take care of your oily skin which make it look and feel better.

Basics are better

Skin experts generally agree that basics are best for oily skin. Clean your skin two to three times per day with a gentle face soap and water.

When selecting the correct soap for your face, you may need to try a couple of different kinds. Every oily face is slightly different. Find one that works best for you.

Don’t use cleansers that over dry your skin

If you notice flaking or dry spots after washing and drying your face, you have a cleanser that is over drying. Your face should feel clean and oil free without being dried out.

Over drying oily skin many times makes the sebaceous glands in your face produce more oil.

Use products that are oil-free

Every face no matter what age, tone or color should have sunscreen. When using sunscreen or moisturizers, make certain they are oil free.

Healthy diet helps

A healthy diet can help with reducing the amount of oil your face produces. Fatty foods, especially fast food, should be avoided to have healthier looking skin with less oil.

The sebaceous glands that produce oil are sensitive to foods and hormones which can stimulate them and cause more oil to be produced.

Don’t use very hot water

Extremely hot water is a no-no for oily skin. This will stimulate the oil glands and create more oil. When showering or washing your face, try to stay away from extremely hot water. Cold water is not great for skin either. Very warm but not steaming hot typically works best.

Don’t sleep in make-up

Sleeping in make-up can clog your pores and lead to blackheads for oily skin sufferers. In addition, pollution, dirt and grime from the day sit on the surface of your skin if you don’t wash at night prior to bedtime. Wash you face at night before bed with the same cleansing routine you normally use in the morning.

Toners and astringents

Toners and astringents aren’t necessary for oily skin. However, if you have very oily skin a weekly mask or cleansing scrub can work wonders.

A cleansing routine that includes washing once in the morning, one during the day and once at night is perfect. Perfection can be difficult. If you can get the once in the morning and once at night routine, you can see an improvement in the look and feel of your oily skin.