As mentioned in the first article; Effective Ways on How to Protect Employees from Sexual Harassment (Part 1); sexual harassment covers any unwanted sexual conduct or advances unreasonably affect an employee's job performance or create an offensive, hostile, or intimidating work environment.

This definition is given by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which is the agency responsible in handling all discrimination complaints. Under its rules, sexual harassment is also considered as sex discrimination.

The first article discussed some ways on how sexual harassment can be prevented. Aside from investigating complaints and monitoring the workplace, here are other tips which can help employers accomplish this goal:

  • Make and implement a fair policy on sexual harassment- Do not forget to include the company's policy on sexual harassment in the employment manual or handbook. In addition, make sure that this policy would:

o State that you and the company is against sexual harassment and anyone who will be found guilty of it will be punished

o Make it clear that you will not ignore any sexual harassment complaints

o Inform your employees regarding the steps that they should take if they a planning to file a sexual harassment complaint

  • Require your supervisors to undergo trainings- Conduct different training sessions for the company's supervisors once or twice each year. These sessions will enable them to deal with sexual harassment complaints.

Although these tips can greatly help in reducing the chances that sexual harassment will occur in the workplace, they do not give a complete assurance that employees will not be subjected to this illegal act. Employees themselves should take necessary steps just to protect themselves if ever they were sexually harassed by their co-employee or supervisor.

Here are different ways on how an employee can deal with sexual harassment:

  • Confront the harasser- Although it is difficult for you to talk to the person who sexually harassed you, you should still have the courage to tell him that he has greatly offended you. He might not even know that his actions are already offensive so talking to him may be the easiest way to end to the problem.
  • File a complaint- If the harasser continues to perform inappropriate actions against you, do not hesitate to file formal complaint with your employer or the Human Resources (HR) personnel.
  • Contact a Los Angeles employment attorney- You can seek legal assistance from an employment attorney if your complaint was ignored by the concerned parties. This legal expert will help you file a complaint with the EEOC and gather important evidence which will show that you were sexually harassed in the workplace.