People of all cultures endow physical attractiveness with the highest value in mind. If you are thinking of getting cosmetic surgery, here are some reasons to look over before you make that big decision.


Wrong Reasons

If you have an urge to get a whole face-lift because you are feeling like your looks are bad because of a previous divorce or feel like nobody will date you. Many people seek surgery shortly after a life crisis that a person is depressed have feelings of despair and has a pessimistic outlook. People imagine that "fixing" the outside of themselves will fix their inside pain. This is not true, a good way to assess if you are depressed measure these against your own feelings and behavior would be:

Chronic feelings of sadness of despair

Loss of appetite or overeating


Social Withdrawal

Atypical irritability or anger

Inability to concentrate

Little or no interest in sex

Loss of normal energy

Uncontrollable crying

Brooding about the past

Mood swings

Poor relationships


Another wrong reason to get cosmetic surgery is to please someone else.

Being preoccupied with an imagine most defect in your appearance, mostly involving the hair, nose, and skin.

Right Reasons

Port-wine stains, large purplish discolorations of their faces or parts on the body. These sometimes cover the face; this causes great self-consciousness and a lifetime of rude stares.

Acne scars, in teens this can be an unhappy reminder as it progresses into adulthood.

Red-nose syndrome, rhinophyma, is a condition that makes a persons nose puffy, swollen, red nose, this is usually a combination of genetic factors, sun damage, adult acne (rosacea) caused by dilated blood vessels and an overgrowth of the sebaceous glands on the nose.

Stretch marks, pinkish red, elongated lines, which may be in people who gain weight during puberty or gain weight rapidly; they fade in time but never go away.

Birthmarks, moles, café-au-lait spots, liver spots, sunspots, and age spots, these can give your age away as a person gets older.

Tattoos, instead of wearing skin layers of make up or having to wear long sleeves.

Varicose and spider veins, veins that pop out in the leg region, no more wearing opaque stockings or undergoing sclerotherapy.

Hair or rather less hair, for those that are balding or is beginning to loose hair in their thirties or forties, avoid the methods of hair removal by waxing, and using tweezers.

Cosmetic laser surgery is a solution to all these problems and for many others. However, making serious thought before making this choice would determine the best outcome. Assess your own needs and make sure you have realistic expectations. Get a better understanding of the majority of cosmetic laser procedures-the skin itself.