Home remedies for reducing blood sugar

There are several natural product used in every household and have a great impact in blood sugar level thus control diabetes. However giving an idea about these herbal products never indicates to stop any anti diabetic drugs prescribed by doctors. 

Though I am not a doctor but regarding diabetes I have discussed with many of them and being close to doctors society I came to know about these natural herbs and it really helped a lot to reduce blood sugar level of my family members suffering from diabetes for almost 20 years.

Herbal products for reducing blood sugar

One of the most important product is Onion which contains alkyl propyl disulphide and this helps in increasing production of Insulin from pancreas and also decreased breakdown of insulin thus reduce sugar level.

Fenugreek seeds powder is well known product and is most commonly used natural product in India by diabetics to reduce blood sugar and its effect has been established by many patients. In CMCH a trial was done by using 5 gms of fenugreek seeds to diabetic patients and a positive result was experienced. The trial was made selecting 30 people with increased blood sugar.

I read an article' http:/www.geekfundas.com/resources/2975-Herbal-Remedies-Treating-Diabetes-Effectively.aspx' by a doctor known to me where many herbal products are mentioned for treating diabetes effectively. Many of such products we use at our home by default without knowing its use in reducing sugar.

Effects of bitter gourd, cinnamon, Ginko Biloba and many more herbs used in India and other Countries effectively reduce blood sugar as most of them have insulin like properties due to the presence of polypeptites. As insulin is also a polypeptide these products help in increasing release of insulin by pancreas thus reduces blood sugar level.

A product called Genera Sylvestra also known as Sugar destroyer is found in Indian forests and is prescribed in Diabetes by Ayurvedic doctors which is taken with coriander juice. This helps in not only Type II diabetes but also in insulin dependent ie Type I diabetes.

Another important thing used especially in India is the powdered form of blackberry seeds, The seeds are dried and powdered and one teaspoon is taken every morning by diabetic patients and has been effective in reducing blood sugar. This herbal product is also effective in reducing weight.

However no doctor denies the affect but also recommend these natural products but on the other hand they also suggest not to discard or discontibue prescribed antidiabetic drugs. Secondly these herbs are  effective mainly in Type II diabetes with little effect on type I diabetes which only requires insulin with few exceptions.