Finding effective ways to improve communication in a relationship is something most couples struggle with. You can love someone, trust someone, be honest with someone. Those things do matter without effective communication. Lack of communication leads to confusion. What comes with confusion trickles down to assumptions. Next thing you know, you have serious relationship problems.

Getting relationship help, for example relationship counseling sometimes helps two loved ones get back on the same page. I think relationship counseling is only effective when communication in the relationship becomes a problems. Getting effective communication, sometimes can require help. Some people have trouble expressing themselves effectively. Relationship counseling is just to help each person express what they feel. However, the actual effort still comes down to each person. Relationship counseling can help a relationship, but not solve it.

I think the first thing in establishing better communication in your relationship, is learning be honest with them. You can't ever force someone to communicate, but the tone you set can make it easier. When I say honest, that doesn't mean you should nitpick at things that aren't relevant. Don't be critical over little things, learn to let go of things. Nitpicking can be a very subtle problem in a relationship. The more you present it, the less likely your partner wants to express themselves to you.

Not just being honest contributes to better communication, but not holding back your own thoughts as well. You have to open to them completely, and talk to them as well. Most the time communication becomes a problem, when both partners are not opening up to one another. It's hard for someone to open up to you, if you're not doing so as well. The more you close people off to what you're thinking and feeling, the more distant they'll be with you. Make better efforts on expressing yourself to them. Try to do so in better ways, so you're not confusing them. Most couples easily send mix signals. We a lot of times expect people to assume what we're feeling, and that can lead to relationship problems. Never assume something, or expect them to as well.

Remember to encourage your spouse a lot. Communicating to someone requires trust. When someone opens up, they need to feel comfortable with this person. They need to trust you. Earning their trust, requires you to be more gentle and understanding of them. Respect what they say, and what they don't have to say. Don't be so critical of them, because that makes them want to hide from you. No one wants to open up to someone who just puts them down and makes them feel bad. Fear of disappointment will motivate your partner to not open to you as much. Even if you're not in agreement with them, you should always be supportive of them.

You'll have to learn to trust them first, so they can begin to trust you. When it comes to communicating effectively in relationships, trust will get things pointed in the right direction. Put yourself in their place. You want to feel confident in sharing and saying anything you can with someone else. Whatever you feel, you need to trust this person before expressing yourself. Learn to listen to your partner and pay better attention to them. Understand their moods and feelings. Don't get too wrapped up into what you want, because then you'll be come more oblivious to the things they need. Remove yourself from what you're wanting, and try to think of them first.

A very important element in a relationship is not to neglect. Don't shut out your partner and their feelings. Shutting someone out, leads to problems in a relationship. Even if they're shutting you out, you should still make the effort to express yourself. You should make effort to pay attention to them. They might be going through a difficult time and they're just too embarrassed, or ashamed to tell you. That's why it's more important to make the extra effort of showing support, especially when they seem shut off. They need to know you still have their support, especially when things are bad for them. There's nothing like having someone in your corner always, when it feels like the entire world is against you. We've all had those kind of days. Showing your support and being the one bright spot will be something they don't forget.

Some people just really never feel quite comfortable really opening up with someone. They're a little more cautious, shy and just tend to keep their thoughts to themselves more. I know that sometimes might cause confusion, but be patient. If you can learn to understand your partner better, you'll develop a healthier relationship. Sometimes patience, understanding, honesty, and faith go a long way in a relationship. Sometimes you got to be patient and sacrifice a little extra to help get the relationship pointed in a better direction.