Workouts are nothing like a marathon run, unless you want it to be. If you want to achieve results with maximum efforts in the shortest amount of time, then you can bet that this can be done. Shortest amount of time as in 12 minutes to 30 minutes! Forget the old traditional one set, one minute break. This is only effective to a certain extent maybe as a beginner that is new to working out. As you get more experienced in the physical and mental aspect of fitness, you may want to consider intensifying your workout while at the same time decreasing the time spent in the gym. If you are not already doing this and you’ve been doing traditional workouts that are one hour, or so in the gym while going set to set while still putting every sweat and tear into every rep, you may not be getting the results as fast as you were getting them in the first couple of weeks.

Imagine this, you’re in the gym, it’s 5 pm and you hope that you have time to get out tonight and socialize or you have a big project due the next day but you need to get this workout done and over with. You’re going into your exercise and it’s planned for 3 sets and it’s the bench press, and of course it’s Monday so everyone else somehow has a chest workout as well. Your taking one minute breaks between sets so you have enough time to stare into the mirror and visualize the next set. You’ve already completed 12 sets of chest but you know you need 20-30 sets because that’s what the last magazine you read said. It’s already 6 pm and you feel you didn’t get enough. It feels like you could have gone harder and faster. So you do a couple of more sets, maybe with breaks that are just a bit shorter. Unless you’re Arnold with superman recovery genetics, forget about these kinds of workouts. If you’ve sworn to the first step of many steps of gaining muscle and obtaining those goals you’ve set aside naturally without breaking the law or injecting apple juice into your butt, then you may want to go HARD in the shortest amount of time possible!

What I mean by hard is not by going one set of many sets of one exercise. Your body already knows that you’re going to give it one set after another with the same amount of break each time, because that’s what you’ve adapted yourself into! Before going into further explanation I will give you an example that’s completely based on fact. Compare a marathon runner and a sprinter, and these are supreme examples because if you look at a sprinter, and you will notice the workouts are SHORT and very intensified. And yet, the physique of a sprinter is heavily muscled and shaped as if it was getting ready for a bodybuilding competition. I know a marathon runner runs for long periods of time, and not just long, but very long.

Wih this in mind, if you look at a marathon runner you will almost never find one that has enough muscle mass to even look a little jacked. That’s because prolonged workouts will not only burn fat but it will also over use the muscles to the point of heavy catabolism which will not benefit your physique at all! I’m not against marathon runners but this is an example I’m using if you’re after the muscle gains and fat loss.

Don’t worry so much about the weight or how much you can show off to the other people in the gym, if you want to maximize your physique for the beach season then you can bet that intensifying your workouts will give you maximized results that you are looking for! If you’re going after the physique, focus on how you can pre exhaust a muscle before moving into the compound exercises. There’s a million ways to increase intensity, this will automatically decrease the time you need in the gym. Train hard and fast, get in and out the gym, like a sprinter!

Something To Help You Focus


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