Effectively Eliminating Bed Bugs

Are you having trouble eliminating the presence of bed bugs in and around your property? These pests are certainly some of the hardest pests to deal with and being relatively small in size, it’s easy for most property owners to overlook their presence until they become a total nightmare.

Bites caused by bedbugs can lead to severe skin itch and irritation all over the body and while they are not known to carry nor transmit diseases in humans, they can be a great cause of discomfort. Read on for some great tips on how to effectively deak with such a pest.

Steps for eliminating bed bugs

The very first step that property owners need to undertake when it comes to the complete eradication of bedbugs in and around their property  is to determine its source. This task may seem  like a daunting task but there are certainly a couple of tell-tale signs that people could look into

Some of the most common signs of bedbug infestation include:

  • Shed skin and traces of blood or excrement stains under beddings, mattresses, drawers and furniture. A magnifying glass should help with the thorough inspection of such areas.
  • Adult bedbugs are about a quarter of an inch in length with a brownish oval and flat shaped body which allows it to navigate and squeeze through shallow cracks and crevices. Look for narrow gaps between and underneath wall and furniture which are ideal nesting areas for such pests.
  • Unexplained bite marks in the morning that are prone to itch and irritation

Once you’ve determined the source of your bedbug problem, you can then start eliminating them. You can get the ball rolling by thoroughly cleaning or eliminating furniture and other items that you found to be infested with bed bugs. Old items acquired from antique stores are especially vulnerable.  Throw old infested mattresses as it tends to attract even more bed bugs and over new ones with a plastic sheet as it makes it more difficult for them to dwell and lay eggs in.

One other thing that you can do to eliminate bedbugs is to clean your property from top to bottom. Polish and clean all furniture, sanitize rugs and carpets, clear up vents and flush out moisture build ups. Seal any crevices or cracks that you can find on walls and furniture like cabinets, foot boards and bed frames.

Now if the problem is serious enough to withstand your best efforts, you might want to consider opting for professional help in the form of fumigations and residual sprays with the expertise of experienced and reputable pest exterminators. Most of them guarantee the results of their services ultinately making it a worthwhile investment.

Preventing bed bug infestations

One you’ve succeeded in eliminating the presence of bed bugs in and around your property, homeowners will then have to take a long hard look at prevention. There are plenty of ways on how to go about preventing bed bugs but the rule of thumb there is to simply keep your property clean. Too much trash and clutter in the house attracts the presence of all sort of pests and not just bed bugs.

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