Tactical hydration system packs come in many varying shapes, sizes, and, of course, colors. Of all the manufacturers who make these particular hydration essentials, however, Blackhawk! Products remains at the forefront of tactical hydration pack supply. With well over twenty different hydration pack variations to their name, tactical professionals can rest assured that they can find one pack that has the most optimal functioning in whatever environment they are expected to serve in. Whether they are engaging in a rather lengthy foot patrol through the barren desert of Iraq and Afghanistan, or confronted with the intense cold of Alaska or Antarctica, a fundamental principle of body equilibrium, regardless of the temperature, is one's ability to keep themselves hydrated.


Many factors, of course, may cause one of these tactical hydration packs to be more preferable, in design and function, over others. Duration of mission may automatically require the need for a tactical hydration pack to have a greater fluid holding reservoir capacity. Typically, with the skill and forethought required to be any type of tactical professional, in the first place, most individuals should be at least somewhat aware of just how much fluid will be able to sustain their bodily functions in a variety of environmental climatic settings. While it may initially seem like a 'no-brainer' to ensure that you have enough fluids available to meet the demands of your mission, unfortunately, many tactical professionals, over the years, have succumbed to heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and even death. The implications of not keeping your body hydrated are very real, and are, at the very least, deserving of your time and increased consideration.


A prolonged field training exercise, for example, may require a greater fluid storage capacity than a tactical road march that only lasts for an hour or two. Another point to consider, in determining the overall water storage capacity of your tactical hydration system pack, is the availability of water to replenish its stores whenever that may be needed. Unfortunately, outside of a more 'basic training'-like scenario and setting, a soldier may not be able to have a place where they can just fill their packs with abundant amounts of water and ice. If you do have those resources available, you may only need a smaller pack to sustain you for whatever demands your mission requires.


While any type of leadership should be inherently proactive in helping to reduce, and prevent, any type of heat injury, the responsibility, just like your general tactical gear accountability, ultimately lies on the shoulders of the individual soldier, marine, or tactical professional to do what they can in order to ensure their own thorough safety and preparedness.


For a compact and sleek look, the Blackhawk! Stingray tactical hydration system pack is available in four different colors (Black, Coyote Tan, Foliage Green, and ARPAT) and is highly versatile, unique, and light in weight. As compared to its more bulky counterparts, it serves the individual tactical professional perfectly in tight-spaced environments with close tactical formations and rigid movements.


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BLACKHAWK! Titan Hydration Pack - ARPAT
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