Success depends on understanding people so that you can work better with each other.

Regardless of what you do, you interact with people all the time. The sooner you recognize if someone is a 'steady relater', the sooner you can learn how to work more effectively with them.

You will notify that a steady relater has a slow and steady delivery. They like to listen more than talk. They use first names to be friendly. They are not quick to give their own opinions. When they speak they use a soft tone. They are curious and ask questions.

They like a friendly and functional work environment. They are patient and very tolerant of others. The often consult others before making decisions. They will surround themselves with pictures. They often are embarrassed by recognition.

These people like other people who are friendly and relaxed, while being very cooperative. They like to work in a team environment where every one is working towards the same goal. They are uncomfortable with someone who is always looking to change or 'tweak' a process to improve it. The status quo is very important to them

Steady relaters are resistant to change and struggle prioritizing activities, as well as have difficulties working under deadlines. They are logical and systematic by nature and need a secure environment.

If change is going to happen in their work environment, they need to be given advance notice so that they can adjust to it slowly.

They want to work with others who are sincere and appreciate and value standard operating procedures and policies. They are uncomfortable is situations that are change frequently and that may require short cuts to be done to achieve success.