Few successful people work or live alone. Communicating with people who are different from you is just a part of life. Your success will depend on understanding people so that you can work better with them.. A better understanding of someone who is a 'conscientious' personality style, may make your own success easier to achieve.

You will notice that a conscientious personality will ask a lot of "why" questions. They listen well without reacting. They speak slow and use very precise and detailed words and speech patterns.

They can be very neat and orderly, while striving to be precise and accurate. They try to be diplomatic, although they do want to be right, so they may make it difficult to 'read them' until they have all the facts and can be reasonably assured that their point of view will be the correct one. They are very time oriented and strive to be on time as well as complete their responsibilities in a timely manner.

These people like other people to minimize socializing in their work environment. They want all the details because they value accuracy and attention to detail. They are uncomfortable with people talk about what they can do, but rarely follow through and deliver.

These people dislike double meanings and seek clarification on anything that is vague. They will double check everything. They can work well alone. They are loyal and dependable. Being diplomatic by nature they are tactful and reserved, while achieving results when given clear expectations. They can work within deadlines as long as they are clearly specified.

They want to work with others who share the same work ethics as they do and value a business like environment that focuses on clear expectations and the will give others the ability to show their expertise while everyone is paying attention to the overall objectives.