We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. - Aristotle

In his book, 7 habits of a Hhighly Successful People, Steven Covey talks about building effective habits - the basic habits that builds a person's character - to create a correct map through which anybody can effectively solve and tackle life's problems.

In doing so, each individual will maximize opportunities in their life, and continually build skills and integrate principles of personal development to achieve a vertical growth.

The principle is based upon a balanced approach towards life, known as the 'P/PC balance', which brings the true effectiveness in our life. P stands for production of desired results, and PC stands for production capability, the ability or asset that produces results.

Effectiveness is a function of these two things. What is produced and the producing asset or the capacity to produce.

Now, what happens if you focus only on producing the desired result, and neglect on the producing asset? Your asset starts to stop functioning because you have not taken care of it, only running after the results.

Likewise, if you spend too much time to care of your asset, you will forget to go after the desired results, and end up being unable to feed or look after your asset.

For example, you use computers to write articles, post them on article directories, and earn money through writing. You work the whole day, and you produce results. But you neglect to take proper care of your asset, your computer. You don't recharge the batteries, or give it a rest now and then.  What do you think will happen to your asset if you neglect it ? You will lose all your articles because your hard disk crashed through overuse.

Most of the people today go for the quick fix. They want to earn money quick and fast. While doing so, they forget to preserve and maintain their asset. In the long run, the asset wears out, leaving you with nothing to get anything out from it.

This principle applies in relationships, work environments, and every aspects of your life. For example, I ask my roommate to clean my room while i am doing other chores. He is the asset here and his act of cleaning the room is the desired goal. Let’s say I always expect him to clean the room, expecting the desired goals, and not share any deep and close relationships with him emotionally or show concern for him, then soon the asset, my room-mate wears out and it won't be able to produce results.

That's why the effectiveness lies in the balance.

If you take care of your assets and also expect to get the desired results from it, then you are taking care of both your P and PC.

So, what are you doing today in your life to take care of your assets, the production capability, and the production or the desired result.