BodybuilderCredit: By Jaderocker (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

H-Drol is a legal steroid supplement that is used in bodybuilding to increase muscle size. This type of steroid is designed to work in six-week cycles and is not intended for long-term use. Taking H-Drol will increase muscle mass, but it can be somewhat difficult to measure the magnitude of effects on the body. The best way to note any size changes is to measure each muscle group before, during and after taking the supplements. 

Doses and Supplements

The dosage that you take of H-Drol will impact the effects that you see in your body and muscle mass. Lower doses will have less visible results, but a lower does is safer on the body, according to Tuned The recommended dose for begenners is 50mg per day, gradually increasing to 75mg a day. In addition to H-Drol, a supplement designed to keep blood pressure and cholesterol low is necessary to prevent adverse side effects. One dose of the supplement each day before taking H-Drol should be enough.


Side Effects

Keeping track of side effects is important while taking any steroid supplement. Measure any side effects by keeping a diary or log of any side effects that you notice. If you notice signs of adverse side effects, such as high blood pressure or liver problems, stop taking the H-Drol immediately. Other side effects, such as acne, sore muscles, hair thinning and loss of libido are not dangerous. However, if any of the side effects suddenly increase, stop taking the supplements.



Measuring the positive effects of the H-Drol steroid is not difficult. If you exercise with weights while taking the supplement, your muscles will get larger. Over the six-week period that you take the supplements, measure the circumference of your arms, legs and chest each day. Keep track of the changes in the measurements. If you see little change in muscle size, try increasing the dose slightly or exercising with larger weights.


Muscle Loss

H-Drol supplement cycles are not designed to last longer than six weeks at a time. Taking the supplements longer can adversely impact your health. After you stop taking the supplements you may seem some muscle loss. Keep track of the muscles you lost by measuring the circumference of arms, legs and chest each day. Compare the size of your muscles six weeks after taking the supplements with your original muscle size to determine long-term impact of the supplement.