Are you looking into the effects of quitting weed? It's a well known fact that all those who consistently take drugs could eventually become addicted and face very serious consequences. Cannabis, weed, marijuana have all become a part of today's drug culture. Depending on the intensity and frequency of your smoking weed, if you suddenly decided to quit there are certain side effects to be aware of. Let's take a look at those in this article.

Effects Of Quitting Weed

Effects of quitting weed might require a serious detoxification treatment which can be provided by the rehab and detox centres. These centres provide a step by step recovery programme with much needed help and support. Without these, both mental and physical withdrawal symptoms can be experienced, including severe depression. Having constant monitoring is the only way to see you through this very difficult stage of the process.

Some of the withdrawal symptoms are nightmares, anxiety, appetite loss, depression, insomnia and irritability. In some cases these symptoms are effects of quitting weed suddenly rather than slowly coming off the drug.

Nightmares - Weird dreams can be experienced during the detox phase.

Loss Of Appetite - This can occur during the initial stage of quitting. Your healthy appetite will eventually return.

Insomnia - This will not last forever. Normal and regular sleep patterns will resume as you cleanse and your body will readjust naturally.

Restlessness And Anxiety - The restlessness of craving during your detox phase can lead to anxiety.

Let's now take a look at some of the benefits when you stop smoking weed. You must have goals to aim for and have a really strong "why" to keep you on track. The benefits and your "why" are the key things that will pull you through your moments of weakness, cravings and struggles.

Healthy Body - By stopping smoking you will increase your lung capacity & improve your circulatory system. You will have more energy for playing with the children and doing your everyday/sporting activities.

More Money - Quitting will give you extra income to spend on holidays, clothes, nights out and family luxuries etc.

Better Relationships - It is likely your loved ones will have suffered during your weed smoking years. These relationships will now become more fulfilling and healthier.

This article has given you some information on quitting weed. It is possible to quit your habit/addiction forever by taking the correct steps, having strong friend and family support & a good dose of willpower. Here's to a better quality of life and a healthier you!