Yearly numerous homeowners have to deal with the costly problem to replace the whole roofing system on their houses. Generally, the non-metal roof life lasts from 10 to 15 years. On the other hand, a metal covering (normally composed of cooper, aluminum and tin) typically will last as a minimum three times longer. These days, technologies of metal roofing systems have considerably improved giving homeowners many stylish alternatives to think about; some of them provide chances to claim funds-saving tax credits. In spite of a variety of advances in this technology, the following delusions continue to spread the marketplace.

Metal Roofing System Is Pricey

Although it is true that such roofs will cost you more at first, the long-term expenses are in general less than standard non-metal alternatives. The long-term payback is based on savings because of the low prices of upkeep and the lower frequency of repairs to metal roofing. Moreover, for a period of time there is a federal credit offered for homeowners who opt for metal roofing systems for their own homes. Also take into account that some states support energy saving programs that provide financial incentives. Yet, the condition s may differ that those stated for federal programs.

Metal Roof Is Not Energy Saving

Metal roofs in fact save your household energy consumption. Recent tests by the Solar Commission in Florida demonstrate that metal roofing systems reflect approximately 70% of the solar rays. That successfully lessens the heat absorbed in comparison to non-metal roof. The decrease in the heat absorbed by the metal roof causes a cooler inside and consequently leads to lower energy consumption associated with air conditioning.

Metal Roofing Systems Attract Lighting

Regardless of popular belief, if you install a metal roof it will not increase the chances of a house being hit by lighting. Actually, many experiments have been carried out to show that lighting is tends to strike the highest neighboring objects irrespective of its composition and structure. As metal is incombustible, unlike wood and all standard roofing materials, in case the lighting happens to strike metal roofing it would just absorb the charge by the surface ant will not ignite the roof.

Metal Roofs are Noisy

Provided that it is installed properly, up-to-date metal roofs are usually equal to customary roofing materials in regards to the noise emitted related to weather phenomenon and even may be more quiet than them.