I would like to begin by stating that this information is just my opinion based on information I have read regarding health and from the 10+ years eating and living the way I have daily. Couple that with my blood work done twice each year that indicates no deficiencies, I feel that this information is valid and very valuable. It could be that it just works for me, my body type and genetics, I can't say for sure. However, just like smoking definitely will have an affect on each one of us with various degrees of health negatives, green smoothies, I feel, could probably have an affect on each of us with various degrees of health positives. Try it and see, after speaking with your natural health practitioner.

The body was made to be able to heal naturally wasn't it? Why is it that so many people are becoming and staying sick? Perhaps it is in inaccurate statement that the body is truly designed to heal itself? No! The dilemma is that people a) don't supply it with the right amount of raw materials, usually in terms of food intake, it requires to heal itself and b) we constantly bombard it with stuff that hinders the operation of the limited number of essential resources that we actually do supply it.

I'm a huge advocate of the raw food lifestyle. The suggestion that heating food over a certain temperature destroying required enzymes that are important for assimilation makes plenty of sense to me. Further, it is implied that to get the most out of our food that we should chew it until it's completely liquefied. We have troubles handling large morsels of food. Also, I feel that men women and children can thrive off of a diet of chiefly fruits and greens, with the occasional healthy fats. In regards to healthy fats, avocados, soaked nuts and seeds is all I usually have.

My main meals every single day are composed of lots of raw fruits and greens in the form of green smoothies. Being in a liquid form, my body is able to assimilate the nutrients without a problem.

A giant hurdle for most people when changing diets, and a big one for me is addressing unhealthy cravings. Like someone addicted to alcohol or drugs must detoxify to heal, we essentially must to do a similar thing. Our cells are made up of stuff from foods that we have ingested in the past. The body generally craves more of the same unhealthy foods that contribute to the contents of each one of the cells in our body. For drug detoxes, often times, dry sauna therapy is used to removes the drugs through perspiration. This usually helps to eliminate the physical drug cravings which could allow the person a better chance at sobriety. For us, adjusting our eating habits will probably enhance the clearing of toxic foods as well which can be conveniently removed in our poop, sweat and our pee. However, we may still crave those foods while some of the toxic elements in our cells are still there.

I, myself, have found that quickly after having the first drink of my smoothie the cravings for sugar, salt, meat, grease, etc started to diminish. After I was done drinking the smoothie, the unhealthy cravings passed completely and I'd be fulfilled. The concern then was that the unhealthy cravings would come again as I grew hungry. So I started to make certain I was on top of it and would have another smoothie available before the cravings would reoccur, or not too long after they started. The cravings gradually subsided for good as I cleaned out my body. After that I began to crave greens instead!