How to Clean Out an Egg

With Easter just around the corner, along with the nicer spring weather, the idea of crafts such as Easter egg painting may come to mind. But many people shy away from this craft, because they do not like the idea of having to empty the egg or being an egg blower, as it is called, when you blow out the contents of the egg.

There are a few simple ways to do this, but they do take some patience and you need a few days ahead of your decorating day, to prepare the eggs. You take eggs, and you wash them carefully with some mild soap and water to clean the shell, then dry them well. (This takes off any grease that will stop paint from absorbing).

Now take a large sewing needle and lightly pierce the one end of the egg twirling your needle around and around, almost like drilling. Now do the same to the other end being careful not to squeeze the egg, or you know what will happen! Try to keep the holes tiny.

Be ready with a bowl, because once you have put the hole in the other end of the egg, the contents will begin to drip out. Now to be a good egg blower, you need to gently blow air through the tiny hole in one end while having the egg over a bowl without breaking it. This will gently push out the contents in the egg.

You can then either discard the egg or make scrambled eggs for your lunch, especially if they are from your own eggs! Why waste it?

Now gently, pour a mixture of water and vinegar or lemon juice through the egg and blow it out again. This will get rid of any egg residue that can make it smell, which you don’t want.

I have done this with the kitchen faucet on just a tiny trickle, and then finished off with the vinegar or lemon juice mixture for the final rinse, to get it good and clean.

If you don’t like the idea of blowing eggs this way, you can actually get a egg blower. It comes with a kit, and you can get it online. This may help you create more eggs is a shorter period of time for decorating.Blas-Fix One Egg Blower

Once you have used your egg blower, or done them yourself, now you need to set them somewhere to dry, that is out of everyone’s way, so that they don’t get broken. This is why you do the major cleaning of the shell before you blow it out, as the egg is not as fragile when it is full!

Now you have your eggs for those decorating ideas. You can simply dye the eggs in food coloring (once the shell is clean it will absorb food coloring quite well) You can get creative with paints, or you can do the intricate patterns that many people like to do each year.

Whether this is a craft for yourself, or your older children are trying it, then get your supplies ready for a great day of decorating and fun this Easter. Either get an egg blower or clean them out yourself and create wonderful keepsakes this year. If your kids create something that you want to keep, then consider purchasing a tiny egg cup, so that it can be displayed. You could even get those unfinished wooden egg cups at most craft stores, and have them decorate those as well. These make great gifts for relatives.

So, get your design ideas onto eggs this Easter. Don’t let cleaning them out stand in the way of creativity! An egg blower will do the trick, or you can do it yourself and have scrambled eggs for lunch! Happy Easter.

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