Egg Shell Crafts - PendantCredit: beyondbracelets.comEgg Shell Crafts are a great way to make jewelry or jeweled boxes, and at the same time use up egg shells that would normally end up in the garbage or maybe your compost. 

If you love to eat eggs, then you are going to have an endless supply of shells.  If you prepare them right you can save them in a container for any projects you may want to do when the mood strikes.

Below are some steps on just how to go about creating an egg shell pendant for yourself, a friend or a gift.  These look beautiful and are easy to make.

What you will need:

Wooden shapes.  (You can get these in many craft stores but you can also get them online at sites such as Amazon in a bag of assorted wooden shapes for less than 10 dollars.)egg shell crafts - wooden piecesCredit:

Thick Tacky Glue (Aileen’s makes a good one, but you need a thicker white glue to hold the egg shells in place)

Acrylic Paints (in colours of your choice either in translucent or watered down to more of a stain.)

Black Ink Pad (This is optional. You gently stamp the ink pad onto the finished painted product to add depth.  This is a good trick to keep in mind when you want to create a more 3D look to a craft project)

Egg Shell Crafts(116730)Credit:

Necklace supplies or findings as they are called.  (If this is going to be a pendant, such as findings, hoops, chain etc.)

Hand Drill (as pictured, these are perfect for hand drilling tiny holes in craft projects for the loops so it can become a pendant without breaking the wood.  You can get these at craft stores or online)Egg Shell Craft IdeasCredit:

Triple Thick Glaze (this is a craft glaze that you can get in most craft stores that ends up looking like there are lots of coats of shiny varnish on the project.)

Egg Shells (obviously you will need a few depending on how many pendants you are trying to make.)

Assorted small paint brushes (for spreading the glue, and also for painting your project)

Boiling Water and a Bowl (this is to soak the egg shells.)

Getting Started on Your Egg Shell Crafts – Pendant

Step 1 – Have breakfast!  Have a couple of fried eggs or however you like them cooked, and then save the shells. Egg Shell CraftsCredit:

Take the shells and place them in a bowl and pour boiling water over them and let them sit for an hour or two, or even overnight.  This will help to get rid of that slimy membrane that is in the egg.  You have to get rid of that or your egg shells will smell.

Step 2 – Once you have let them soak, feel them to make sure there is no membrane left, they should not feel slimy.

Place them on a tray upside down to let them drain and completely dry.  This may take an hour or so, or overnight again. (This is why it is a good idea to start building up your supply of dried and prepared egg shells ahead of time if you like working with the shells)

Step 3 – Take your Wooden piece that you have chosen for the pendant, and now cover it with tacky white glue, then sit a piece of egg shell on the wood and gently press it into the wood.  This will cause it to crack into pieces, which is good.

Step 4 – Make sure all the pieces are glued down and gently break off any that are hanging over the edges.  You may want to let the project fully cure before doing this so as to not disturb the glued down pieces.

Step 5 – Take your acrylic paints in a (translucent or watered down state) and paint your colours that you like.  (You can watch the video below for more ideas)

Step 6 – Take your piece and gently using the black stamp pad, press the egg shell pendant into the ink to get some of the black into the cracks, and give it a deeper more aged look.  I find this works really well.

Step 7 – I would take your hand drill and drill a tiny hole by twisting the drill back and forth to create a hole big enough for the findings (metal loops for jewelry that you can get online or in craft stores)  power drills can be too harsh and break your project, so a hand drill works best.

Step 8 – After you make sure the hole you drilled looks neat and will do the trick, you are going to want to get a toothpick or something similar to hold your project.triple thick glaze for egg shell craftsCredit:

Step 9 – Coat with your triple thick glaze once you are happy with your egg shell craft, and hang it somewhere to dry using the toothpick in the hole you drilled. 

This is where you need to get creative.  In the video she used a small paper cup and stuck the toothpick in the cup and was able to hang the pendant this way so it dries a beautiful gloss with no marks.

Step 10 – After it has all dried, you can then add your loop using a couple of pairs of pliers and then add your chain or cord and you are done!

You now have an original piece of gorgeous looking jewelry that actually recycled your breakfast eggs!

One of the most important ingredients here is that triple thick glaze.  It is a wonderful product and makes crafts look heavier and more 3D than they are, almost like a polished stone look.  Plain varnish does not have that same effect, so this is a product you should consider if you like to create pieces of jewelry from a wood base.

Check out the video created by “Beyond Bracelets” to watch an egg shell pendant being made.  This way you can see the effects of all the above steps.

Egg Shell Boxes – You can follow this same procedure for a small wooden box.  You can get them at most dollar stores, and if you collected enough egg shells you could create a beautiful jewelry or keepsake box for yourself or someone special for a great gift idea.

Great Book with More Eggshell Craft Ideas

Eggshell Mosaics
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How to Make Egg Shell Crafts - Pendant (Video By Beyond Bracelets)