So I know the world is enamored with bacon and there is no doubt in my mind it is the bestest food everrrr! I had never heard of Bacon Camp until today and I sadly missed out on the festivities in 2009, but I might make it down for 2010 after seeing this amazing concoction of bacon. These beautiful pictures of the Bacon Egg demonstrate just the kind of crazy yet ingenious bacon recipes people brought to the camp. I have no idea how they crafted these Bacon Eggs together, and I cannot tell you if they have something holding the form together. Knowing these bacon chefs it is most likely all bacon in there...the only alternative I would allow would be if they were filled with delicious cheese.

These pictures were taken by Bacon Camp and Flickr user Kventon so I thank you for taking the time to put these wonders up. If you folks want to see the rest of the amazing baconized recipes you can do so by viewing his Flickr set on the event. It is good to know that this level of cooking will bring out even more ludicrous and amazing bacon foods to the table at the 2010 Bacon Camp which will be held across North America. You can check out where a Bacon Camp near you will be held, and it looks like my city (Vancouver BC) is getting one this year!

Bacon Egg 1Bacon Egg 2Bacon Egg 3