The Egyptian God Cards were introduced in the Yugioh! anime. The cards were modeled after caricatures seen on a stone tablet believed to hold the memories of the nameless Pharaoh, and these cards were designed by Maxamillion Pegasus. In the actual trading card game, these cards are considered over powered and number three in total. There is one card for each of the Egyptian Gods. The Gods are Slifer the Sky Dragon, The Winged Dragon of Ra, and Obelisk the Tormentor.

The anime shows the cards being used to unlock the Pharaoh's memories and then to stand as a target of Marik who desires to have the Pharaoh's power. After that we see the cards used in a plot to revive a ten thousand year old beast. The beast is known as The Great Leviathan and intended to destroy the world. Finally the cards are used as a way for the Pharaoh to construct a world built from his memories, where he is forced to fight an old enemy. In the end, the Pharaoh is able to merge all the Yugioh Egyptian God Cards together to create a powerful monster called The Creator of Light - Horakhty.

These cards have so a very high power for any single player in a duel, if they are added to that player's deck. You should be smart and at least have these cards in case you are going to duel another with the same cards. Don't allow your opponents to get the advantage by playing Slifer the Sky Dragon or The Dragon of Ra against your strongest cards and be forced to lose them along side your chances of winning the duel.

Also realize that these cards are often seen as overpowered and too difficult to combat to have in play for actual duels and tournaments. Usually you will see them banned from being played in Yugioh Trading Cards so you will have to use them for friendly duels, if at all.