Rayda signing(117137)Credit: Rayda Jacobs


May God bless everyone on this day remembering the holy Prophet Muhamad and the Companions who followed him and believe in his teachings – especially those Muslims who are returning from an arduous journey and who have performed the fifth pillar of Islam. Let this day be more than  just food, new outfits and well-wishing, but also an opportunity to appreciate what we have and awareness of the needs of others.  God is Wise in that He chose for us a religion that required faith and dignity. We have our prayer mat when we feel sad and God’s Nearness when we need a shoulder to cry on. Talk to God like a dear friend. God says that He is closer to you than your jugular vein.


Things you might like to do to curry favour with God

  • Celebrate the day with love and do a kindness to at least one person on this day. Sometimes we give a plate of food as this is easy to give.
  •  State your intention to God to change the failings you have and give of your time and knowledge so that the person might prosper.

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  • Invest in someone’s well-being by feeding not only his stomach but his soul.
  • Decide to treat all people as equals and do not talk about others in a derogatory way when they are absent.
  • Do not let the left hand know what the right hand gives.
  • Visit a sick friend and spend an hour or two. Old people are sometimes neglected by their own families.
  • Do not think that because you wear robes and do regular prayers that you are necessarily doing a good thing and pleasing God. Righteousness is a sin as you cannot see into someone’s heart. Do whatever good you do in private and do not talk about it.
  • Do not judge people because they have a failing but instead try to help them.
  • Do not make negative remarks of someone else’s religion and think you are better than them.  Mansions and medals mean nothing to God and you are only as good as our last act of kindness.
  • Do not hate people because they do not follow your religion and try to persuade them to change their faith; the Christians, Muslims and the Jews are all People of the Book and have the prophet Abraham in common. This writer is Muslim, but has many failings. I wish you a happy, healthy and blissful Eid Mubarak.