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Eiffel Tower Restaurant Review - 58 Tower Eiffel

On our recent visit to Paris, we decided to experience dinner at the restaurant located on the first level within the Eiffel Tower, 58 Tour Eiffel. The restaurant had only recently re-opened after extensive renovations. We arrive at the base of the tower over an hour early for our reservations after hearing how long it can take to get through security and up to the first level via the lift system. Thankfully our restaurant reservation tickets fast tracked us into a separate line, which had us quickly through security (which was just a quick bag check and a walk through a metal detector) and then up the lift to the first floor. We arrived at the restaurant over 30 minutes before our scheduled reservation but not only did the friendly staff cater for us, they were also able to give us a window table overlooking the beautiful Paris skyline as dusk approached.

Restaurant View

The View From Our Table

For our reservation we had pre-booked the fixed menu dinner, which consisted of a salad followed by chicken and then dessert with breads and a bottle of red wine to be shared between two people. We were in no great hurry so we slowly ate our breads and drunk the wine while admiring the wonderful view.
The food itself was actually surprisingly good, especially for being a fixed menu and the restaurant being far more famous for its location and view then for its culinary experience. The salad was both plentiful and delicious. This was quickly followed by nicely seared chicken that was not dry and the sauce was particularly good. The meal was capped with a well presented and tasty dessert and the entire meal was complimented with a lovely bottle of French red wine.

AppitizerMain (27814)Dessert (27815)

Our 3 Courses

Although the food was pleasantly good, it is the view that people come to this restaurant for, and in that regards it delivers. Due to the size of the tour and the restaurants location, views are only towards the north, with obstructed views to the north-east and north-west. I believe food always tastes better if there is a captivating view to steal your attention. After its recent renovations, 58 Tower Eiffel looks clean and modern, yet with the dimmed lighting and amazing views still manages to maintain a romantic ambience. The major downside of this restaurant is the price, you certainly pay for the view and even though the staff were friendly, there was always the feeling that they were trying to get you out as quickly as possible to allow more guests through. This was our first visit Eiffel Tower and the priority passes to the first floor saved us plenty of time. We decided to walk to the 2nd level as the line for the lift look prohibitively long and it was nice to walk off some of the food. The views up higher were even more amazing, but unfortunately we didn't have enough time to wait to get to the top level which is only accessible by the lift as we had another booking we needed to leave for. I imagine the views from the very top most by awe inspiring. A visit to 58 Tower Eiffel is well worth considering for your next trip to the tower, presenting the tower in a different way than the standard tourist route and the food and the view are worth the price.

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