Eiffel Tower vases are very popular with designers, both amateur and professional, all over the world. Their tall, dramatic shape makes Eiffel Tower vases a perfect choice for special events and rooms with a modern design. Read on to learn more about Eiffel Tower vases, where to use them, and where to buy them.

The Shape, Weight, And Color Of Eiffel Tower Vases

Eiffel Tower vases truly are named right. These vases reach to the sky similar to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. They are both tall (some are over two feet in height) and thin, with a smooth Eiffel Tower Vases_1surface. Eiffel Tower vases are skinny in the middle, with both the tops and the bottoms broadening to create a very unique and dramatic appearance.  Their look is very sleek, and they appear expensive, though they are very budget-friendly as you'll see below.

Because of their unique shape Eiffel Tower vases are in danger of tipping over. The bottoms of these vases are weighted to help keep accidental tipping from occurring, but it is still wise to take precautions with placement of these vases. Make sure you place Eiffel Tower vases on smooth and level surfaces, and if you can, put some space between these vases and areas of high traffic, for instance in the middle of a table instead of on a corner.  

Eiffel Tower vases come in just about any color that you can imagine, so they can complement nearly any design scheme for special events and around a modern home.

How And Where To Use Eiffel Tower Vases

These vases, as mentioned, are perfect design elements for special events. Because of their elegance and dramatic shape, they have become a popular choice for weddings.  But you can also use Eiffel Tower vases at banquets, home gatherings, parties or simply as a statement Eiffel Tower Vases_2piece around your home. They are especially fitting for a home with a modern design style, and can really add dimension into a living space.

Eiffel Tower vases can hold any type of flower arrangement, but some of the more popular flower types for use with these particular vases are lilies, roses, and variants of greenery. Ostrich feathers are another very popular choice. Because of the simple, elegant shape of these vases, it's best to follow suit and keep your arrangements simple too. Plus, simple arrangements will help keep your vases from tipping over due to too much added weight at the top of your vases.

The Cost And Where To Buy Eiffel Tower Vases

Eiffel Tower vases appear expensive, but it is possible to find great prices on them. Due to how popular these vases are for special events, suppliers often sell them in bulk. When you purchase in bulk (12 to 24 or more at a time), it can bring the cost per vase down to as low as $2 to $4. That's amazingly inexpensive for such an elegant item. Cheap Eiffel Tower vases are possible!

You can purchase Eiffel Tower vases from many flower shops, but your best bet for the best price is to buy online. Amazon.com has some great deals on Eiffel Tower vases in bulk. Buying online is also helpful because getting that many vases home can be troublesome. Boxes of twelve vases can weigh a lot, so having them shipped directly is an excellent choice.