Headboards create a focal point in any bedroom, and this is something that you need. Without this, the room is going to look a little bare. However, you can end up paying quite a price for something new, which is why a do it yourself headboard is probably your best bet. Have a look at these ideas for some inspiration, and you will find that it is really not that difficult to get going.

Use a Door as a Headboard

Don't simply throw your old kitchen door away for recycling. This may look very good in your own bedroom. This could be your front door, it could be a rustic barn door or it could even be your kithen cabinet door. Attach this to a metal frame, and paint it however you want it to look, keeping to the theme and color scheme of your room. You could, of course, strip the paint and just sand it down with a clear finish. The choice is yours.


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DIY Fabric Headboard Using Pillows and Cushions

These can also change your room around, and create a theme which can improve the overall look. The fabric you use is obviously important, because this will add to the style of your bedroom. You may want to find a colorful array of cushions and display them off a curtain rod. You can also go completely white, creating more of an elegant look and padding the wall up with these. Then again, a bedroom can look fun, just by using busy, colorful patterns, and arranging these in a creative way.

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This is the kind of pillow that can be made to look elegant as well as casual. It really depends on how they are placed, and you will have to think of the style and theme that you are going for.

Make Your Own Headboard with a Window Frame

This is one of the headboard ideas, which is really growing in popularity because it is so different. It can also be customized, so it will still be unique.

You can really be creative with this, using it in many different ways. People are always changing their windows, and you can pick up some very nice frames. You may want to keep the glass in and add some fabric behind or even some black and white photos.

You could either leave this nice and rustic, or you could sand it down and paint it properly, so it is more classic. You can achieve this with your use of colors on the frame.

Use a Chalk Headboard

Typography is very popular, and this is great because there is nothing better to wake up to than a unique quote. However, sometimes something awesome pops into your head and you want to just jot this down. Chalkboards are great for this. They also act as a memo.

Just get yourself some chalkboard paint, and get to work. You can get this in a variety of colors now, so it looks pretty good.

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How to Make a Headboard Using Wall Art

No, don't be silly - this is not expensive! You don't have to be hugely creative either because there is a lot you can do. Use multiple canvases with typography. Use a canvas which you can separate into three pieces, so that you can see the image connecting up. You can also use photos framed in a way that goes with your particular theme. For example, black and white photos and frames gives you something which is more sophisticated and modern.

wall art

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Using Shutters

Shutters are so popular as a form of decor, and it is quite inspiring how they can be transformed into somethng completely new. If you want to make a headboard, you can go rustic, or you can give this the classical look, but you will have to pay it more attention.

You can use painting techniques to age them. They could go well with a certain theme, such as a beachy look for your coastal cottage. If these are old already, then strip off any paint with a good paint remover. Then sand them down well. You can also use wood filler to patch up the holes. Use a primer before you start painting and simply use a frame hook to attach this to the wall.


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How to Create Drapes

Drapes can be expensive, but you can always make your own. Not the sewing type? Don't worry because you can get special headboard tape that you just iron on and this works like a charm. Make sure you know your measurements before you go out shopping for fabric. You need a curtain rod to thread through the drapes and this gets fastened onto the wall.

Rustic Wood DIY Headboard

Using old wood from a barn or a fence is perfect for this project. Use the pieces at random, becuase it's not going to be perfect. Sand the wood down. Once you are happy with the placements, then you can start cutting. To put it altogether, use a couple of thin pieces of wood which you will screw into the back of the headboard. Add a clear finish to this, and then attach a frame with bolts and drill it into the wall.

If you look at the photo below, you may not  want to go right up into the ceiling - it gets complicated -  you will need an extra frame for this.


photo credit: flickr.com/photos/wicker-furniture/9177556725

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A cordless drill is a useful tool to have around the house, especially when it comes to joining up your boards. This is excellent for those odd jobs around the house.