There are a few summer essentials that you can mix and match to stay cool and stylish at the same time through the use of clothing and accessories. It also allows you to dress appropriately for a lot of different occasions. You can find these products at a variety of stores such as Chadwick's and J. Jill.

1. Casual Work Attire

What is appropriate for your office really varies by the work situation. Shorts can be dressier depending on the fabric, fit, and color. You can even pair it with a matching jacket for a summery suit. This also transitions into an evening look by changing out your accessories and shoes.

2. Light and Airy

Lighter color pants such as white and khaki are appropriate for the summer months. This could be a full length trouser made from a simple gauzy fabric. You could even roll up the leg on boyfriend pants. Look for soft cottons and denims for casual comfort.

3. Embellished T-shirts

T-shirts are a summer staple but it can also be fashionable. A smocked or peasant style has a youthful feeling. For a more sophisticated take try a waterfall embellishment or tiers for a flowing effect. A wrap top can flatter a variety of silhouettes. Then just pair it with basic khakis for a casual look.

4. Summer Dresses

Summer dresses should be light and airy. It's also a chance to experiment with colors like yellow, turquoise, green, and pink. Dress for all different weather conditions with a sleeveless piece. This could be in a classic silhouette such as a sheath. Then pair a lightweight jacket, vest, or short sleeve sweater over it for cooler summer evenings.

5. Stylish Tanks

Tank tops are another wardrobe basic that can have special touches to it. Change things up by going with a double layer variety in multiple colors. You could also find more of a halter style with beaded or shell embellishments around the neckline. Dress it up or down with a skirt or capris.

6. Patterns

Whether it's on a canvas handbag or blouse summer outfits can contain pattern. This lends a sense of fun to the piece. It should still be casual such as a two tone beach inspired pattern in blue and white. Another way to incorporate this into your wardrobe is through jewelry. Look for over the top enamel pieces in floral motifs and bright colors. Buy shell jewelry for more of a subtle look that is still beach inspired.

7. Sandal Upgrades

Sandals will seem more sophisticated with a high heel or wedge design. Neutrals for summer also include a lot of metallic tones such as bronze, gold, and silver. Add in a vintage feeling with a kitten heel. Sandal designs will still have an open toe and a lower heel. Since it's a popular style you can explore different citrus inspired tones.

8. Summer Accessories

Jewelry is a way to easily add style to a basic t-shirt and capri pants outfit. Stock up on wood bangles for a natural feeling. Wearing scarves over t-shirts is a popular fashion statement. Just make sure that you go with a gauze variety so it isn't too warm.