Spice Up Your Salad

For lunch or dinner, salad is almost always the perfect side dish. Here are some tips to guarantee your salads are delicious:

* Be sure to include foods with a variety of textures in your salads. So not only do you haveMake a Great SaladCredit: Pkruger the crispness of the green veggie like lettuce or spinach, you also have the harder crunch of nuts or seeds sprinkled over the salad. Sometimes the softness of olives or tomatoes can complement the crunch and crisp of the other ingredients.

* Add different kinds of protein to your salad. Not only will they turn a side salad into a meal, they can also provide different textures to your salad. Chopped up eggs, bacon, or cheese not only provide protein but also a bit of fat that can make your salad filling.

* So that your salad remains a part of your meal rather than a bad memory, make sure that you wash your greens thoroughly before serving them. You may have heard of produce recalls recently. This was due to the way the greens were processed at the farms where they were picked. Some of this produce contained E. coli or salmonella. Washing your greens thoroughly before you serve them will guarantee that you have a safe meal.

* If you're going to add pasta to your salad, be sure to cook it al dente or just a tiny bit firm before draining. Overcooked pasta adds a mushy texture to main dishes much less a salad. To make sure your pasta is al dente, read the package it came from and cut the cooking time a minute or two. Or you can just taste test the pasta as it cooks to see if it has a firm bite to it. You don't want overcooked pasta in a salad because it will throw off the balance of its textures.

* Try making your own dressing to add a little variety to your salads. You can find recipes for salad dressings online at cooking websites. You can even try mixing your own vinaigrette without recipes. A good rule of thumb is to add one part vinegar to three or four parts oil. You can also add your herbs of choice to flavor the vinaigrette.

* Try adding seasoned nuts to your salad. You can either toss them in melted butter and sugar to add a bit of sweetness and crunch to your salad. Or you can toss them in melted butter and herbs or another savory seasoning like onion powder for example to create a tasty crunch somewhat similar to croutons in your salad.

* Always toss your salad in an extra large bowl. This is to guarantee that all the parts of the salad get thoroughly mixed together and that you don't spill anything in the mixing process. An extra large salad bowl with matching tongs are not only functional in helping you make a salad but they can also provide some variety in your table setting.

If you been looking for ways to liven up your salad, I hope I've helped a bit. With these tips your salads become the highlight of every meal.

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