Mindnode1. Working from Home

You can write from home or from where ever and so save money on travelling to work every day. You can go to work in your slippers and pyjamas if you like, or even no clothes at all. Get out of bed in the morning when you want and not be at the beck and call of your alarm clock every day of the work week. Do the two minute commute from the bedroom to the office. You can set your work to fit in with your schedule rather than the other way around. You can have your MindMap Application open and ready to start working on your ideas before breakfast.

2. More time with Your family

You will also have the advantage of being able to spend time with your family. Take the children to school in the mornings and fetch them at the end of the day too. If a child is il,l you will be there to look after them. Combining home and work together can work really well so long as you are not the procrastinating type. You need to be able to organise your own working schedule and check on yourself that you are coming up with the goods.

3. No Web Sites to Setup Unless You Want To

You don’t have to set up your own websites and you can work by writing for InfoBarrel and there are other revenue sharing sites. If you can set up your own niche sites, you will have full control and there is less chance of the rug being pulled from under your feet. In these days of the web hosting companies having systems in place to install the WordPress sites for you, no worries. Then WordPress now has the automatic updates.Press a button and it will be updated. It is all getting so much easier. I like a combination of both my own sites and InfoBarrel.

4. Residual Income

Residual income - This is the holy grail for a lot of people, do a job once and keep on getting paid for it. Writers can keep on getting royalties from sales of books and articles the same as musicians get paid every time their songs get played on the radio. There are people that think that residual income or passive income can happen with MLM companies, but in my experience often these companies fall by the wayside after a while and the money stops coming. Although things change on the internet if you have articles online then they will be getting some traffic and you will be earning money. The secret is to adapt to things like the Google Panda Update, in order to keep on earning money. When you have written the articles with Scrivener and have them where they can be found on line, they keep getting visitors and you will keep on getting income.


5. Helpful InfoBarrel Community

Writing for InfoBarrel gives you a load of help from the other writers. Just ask a question in the forum and you will soon have the replies to help you work out the difficulty or issue. You don’t even have to have a problem to use the forum, maybe you just want to have some communication with the outside world and a connection with other people doing the same type of work, working as a writer. Get a little bit of moral support from your fellow InfoBarrellers, you only have to ask. Look out for the earnings related posts from the infobarrel writer that have been working at the writing for longer and see what money you could be making. See how you could be making the similar amounts of money by scaling up what you are doing already

6. Infobarrel Lets You Travel the World

Apple iPad LapdockInstead of using your being a freelance writer, as a way to be able to stop at home, you could use it as a way to set you free. If you have a work that is not location sensitive, then you can travel the world like a tourist, but be working where ever you want. Fancy taking a trip visit a country you have not been to before, then no problem. So long as you have your MacBookPro with you or your iPad, then you can do your writing an keep posting the articles as you go. You will be able to promote your articles with back links from where ever you are too.

7. Learn Your Writing Skills and Trade, As You Go and Not Have to Invest Much to Get Started.

If you have a computer and an internet connection then you can work as a writer. Learn the skills of writing good articles that people will want to read and will find with their searches online. It doesn’t take long to work out back linking and encouraging the search engines to show your pages to those that are looking. It is not necessary to wait for permission, just go and do it.

Apple iPad(47900)8. Your Income Is Not Based on One Source With Infobarrel

You can add Chitika to the Adsense earnings and Kontera too. Why not write your own ebooks that you can sell and promote. it is a great idea to have your own products, as another income to add to your advertising incomes. You probably have some valuable information in your head that people will be prepared to pay for. There is also Amazon Affiliates that you can use to earn money from your writing. Put in your article a contextual link to products available from Amazon.

Don’t forget that you should have an overall strategy for your being a InfoBarrel writer. Also look a making your own niche sites too, that will be something that is solidly in your control. This will be a great plan for the long term. InfoBarrel might also be for the long term too, let’s hope so, but the InfoBarrel money starts to roll a little quicker due to the page rankings of the site and that fact that other writers contribute, brings in more traffic than you would do if you were working solo. All you need to be successful as a writer for InfoBarrel is a good work ethic.