At least half of the people trying to lose weight don’t achieve their objective. They are losing weight too fast or don’t have the right diet. If you want to succeed you have to be aware of 8 pitfalls.

The eight pitfalls:

1. No strategy

When you try to lose weight without any plan most of the time you won’t succeed. You have to find a good strategy and make sure you choose the right diet. Do not fall for wrong diets. Keep yourself motivated and break with unhealthy eating habits. Half of the people who lose weight are a few years later even more heavier than before.  This is the so called yo-yo effect. The way to avoid this is not too lose weight very fast. This should be part of your plan. Adjust your eating habits and physical activity accordingly.

2. Don’t starve  yourself

When you start eating too little in the short term you will lose weight. Your body will be very economical with the available energy. But when you start eating again you are very likely to gain

3. No daily exercise?

Daily exercise helps a lot with weight loss. Just a half hour walk is ok. It’s strange but the people who want to lose weight exercise the least. Daily exercise must be part of the plan.

4. No wine please

Of course there’s nothing wrong with a glass of wine. I hate to say it but when you are trying to lose weight it’s better not to drink (too much) alcohol. A glass of wine works against you two ways. A glass of wine owns a lot of calories but it also enhances your appetite. Better not make things hard for yourself.

5. Beware of vitamin and mineral deficiencies

Losing weight may result in deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. So be aware of what you eat. Just eat whole grain products and fruit as snacks. Most common are Vitamin D deficiencies. Research has shown that Vitamin D is very important to be successful in losing weight. Vitamin D can be found in milk and eggs.

6. Stop eating fat?

It seems logical to stop eating fat. But diets were all fats are gone are bad diets. The human body needs good fats. You can do without with saturated fats but good fats from fish, nuts and olive oil will keep you healthy.

7. Lack of sleep

Too little sleep and restless nights make an indirect contribution to weight gain. A lack of sleep disrupts the hormones involved in metabolism. The result is that you want to eat during the day more often.

8. Chips

Get rid of all the bad snacks like chips. They want you to eat them when you get hungry. Best is that they are not available. Just don’t buy the stuff!