The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a great game that is premiering in October of this year. It is going to follow in the footsteps of previous games in the Elder Scrolls series and will be an open world sand box role playing game. The adventure was initially publicised at the beginning of 2010 and received with cheers from fans of the series. The previous computer game in the series "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" was referred to as Game of the Year by many critics once it was published way back in 2006, thus there is much anticipation for this sequel to attain at a minimum identical success or even more.  

The computer game is going to center around a nameless character that will be completely customizable to suit the player’s liking. The player will find a total of 10 races to choose between. The character will only be known as Dragonborn. The computer game will take place in the land of Skyrim a sub section of the actual world of Tamriel. Presently there will be nine towns inside of Skyrim that a player might visit, brimming with men and women to communicate with, a few of whom may present tasks or maybe missions to embark upon. The particular video game is predicted to have well over a hundred hours of video game play content. Together with all brand new characters to converse with, there will also be lots of unique monsters to fight with, the most notable of which, are dragons.   

Right now there are only two acknowledged types of dragons in Skyrim however in addition to the dragons could also bring the end of the realm of Tamriel. Legend speaks of an incredible dragon god named Alduin that is the destroyer of the particular older world and after that generated this realm of Tamriel but, has now become awakened to be able to destroy it as well. The particular age-old elder scrolls describe the remarkable Alduin coming to produce mayhem together with the inevitable devastation of Tamriel, yet there remaining an individual who could possibly halt his returning, The Dragonborn. We can merely speculate right now to the specifics of this story line but it's safe to say that the particular fundamental story should revolve around the Dragonborn character journeying all around Skyrim to be able to wipe out the actual dragons and prevent Alduin from destroying Skyrim and eventually Tamriel. The Elder Scrolls video games have always been known for having dozens of random dungeons scattered all over this world filled with strange creatures along with mazes to be able to navigate which means that there shouldn't be any conclusion to the action which makes it tough to stay with this most important story and never get preoccupied.