The technology needed for elderly care is very much progressive and the development of quality telecare is merely one reason for this. But have you ever though what it will be like to care for the elderly in like 50 or maybe even 100 years from now? We have made it possible for our imaginations to run wild and come up with some amazing gadgets that may possibly set the light at the end of the tunnel. When cars zoom in the skies, meals are put on your plate in pill mode and lights on the sides of skyscrapers action as street signals, here are a good number of gadgets that could help you in your old era:


  • Clothing Airbags

Slips and falls are the reason for most deaths in addition to serious injuries on the list of elderly people. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict when this kinds of accidents can happen or every time they will result within your elderly loved versions lying in agony for hours on end until they get somebody to aid them. There is the most impressive, stylish vests and shorts that may be worn underneath that clothing – which has a difference. They shall be fitted with air bags which might be connected to a smallish  computer chip in the lining of the vest. This computer system will automatically sense the change within body direction in addition to velocity, forcing the airbags to deploy and safely cover all the body from top to bottom. Seconds once impact have occured, they will slowly release the air and push you into a position for you can to simply get back onto your feet.


  • Solar-powered wheelchairs

If you think of these then they are actually not far away. There is some working models around, they won't just conserve money, but these wheelchairs are eco-friendly as well. The battery pack continuously gets powered by the sun, you won't find yourself stranded while looking for power.


  • Cigarette Bubbles

Tobacco is bad so you definitely should stop before you start getting old. The condition is, many people are at risk of burning themselves as well as setting something/their homes on fire. The biggest factor for this is falling asleep while smoking. Right now, simply just dip your cigarette into a technologically advanced remedy that reacts to heat and offers oxygen within the container. As soon as you light your cigarette, a protective bubble will surround the cherry in the cigarette and protects it from burning up anything. Once you're done, simply just drop the cigarette in the ashtray and whenever it dies, that bubble will only retract.


  • Medical Body Scanner

ANY portable device like a watch will read nanomachines which can be inserted into one's body, and will continuously scan one's body to pick up some sort of change in addition to warn you regarding possible health threats earlier. This system will provide more than enough time to access a doctor in addition to hospital where they could deal with your own medical problem. This will avert the stress in addition to trauma that has an medical emergency and may save your living.


Despite the fact that these senior care devices sounds good, you should still try telecare because they ensure that all your relatives have access to assistance 24/7.