An Electra Townie bicycle is a great ride! The practicality and ease of operation make the Townie bike perfect for neighborhood trips to the grocery store or post office. This stylish and comfortable bike is best described as a marriage between a recumbent bicycle and a traditional beach cruiser. With a wide variety of styles and features for both men and women, it is easy to understand why the Electra Townie bicycle is one of the most popular bikes on the market today.

Electra Townie Women's BicycleWhat makes the Electra Townie bicycle special? Unlike traditional bikes that may be difficult to pedal and uncomfortable to ride, the Townie has taken a tip from the recumbent bike and keeps the rider in a pedal forward position. By moving the pedals forward, the user is more comfortable and this is the key to Electra's famous "flat foot" technology. The bikes are designed to allow the rider to easily place their feet flat on the ground at any time. This is great for increasing stability and allows for easier mounting and unmounting. This feature is especially nice for older riders.

The Townie bicycle also offers fixed gear, 3 speed and 7 speed models. This is great for any rider in a hilly area that may find multiple gears useful. The frames are strong and lightweight aluminum alloy and feature Shimano shifters. The quality is a real plus, but the style will turn heads, too. Unlike the much-maligned recumbent bikes, the Townie offers comfort without sacrificing style.

The unique frame and wide selection of colors available make the Townie bicycle instantly recognizable. Townie bikes come in a wide range of colors and many women especially appreciate the turquoise, pink, champagne and pearl colors. Each bike can also be modified to suit individual needs with a variety of Townie custom accessories. These baskets, bags, bells, and more will make the bicycle both fun and functional and can add your own stamp of personality.

The cost of an Electra Townie bicycle is in line with the companies other models, but a casual rider may balk at the cost – until they ride one! Rave reviews and enthusiastic owners are more than willing to provide testimonials about the excellent handling and comfort of these unique bikes. For someone that does a substantial amount of cycling, the cost is easily justified.

Electra Townie bikes are available at major bicycle centers and online at many retailers including The most popular models:

Men's and Women's Townie Bicycles

Electra Townie 1 – single speed
Electra Townie 3 – Shimano 3 speed internal hub
Electra Townie 7 – Shimano 7 speed internal hub
Electra Townie 21 – Shimano 21 speed drivetrain

If you are in the market for a new supremely comfortable and stylish ride than consider the Electra Townie bicycle. Test drive a Townie bicycle at your neighborhood bike shop and see and feel the difference for yourself. The resale value of the Electra Townie is very good and they often crop up for sale on local craigslist classified sites. You will probably join the legion of loyal Townie devotees.