Electric adjustable beds have become very popular over the years for the comforts that they offer over a traditional bed. There are many options available to fit your individual health and comfort needs for a bed of this type. Probably the best way to research all of the types and brands of electric adjustable beds available is to search the internet.

Much information will be offered there concerning features of different beds, price comparisons, manufacturers and dealers. Some dealers offer discounts to senior citizens and the disabled and some vendors who do business online offer factory discount prices.

Free delivery is offered by some dealers while others will charge you freight charges. A good place to start educating yourself would be to use some of the consumer guides that are available online. These sites will provide an opportunity to have your questions answered and will highlight some different features of the many choices available. Videos are also available on some websites and consumers can order a catalog from many of the manufacturers.

Most of the manufacturer sites have a list of their dealers which will assist you in finding one that is convenient for you. Adjustable beds are used for back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and osteoarthritis. It is also believed that this type of bed can help suffers of acid reflux disease. Some of the reasons that you may be considering this type of bed can be difficulty in getting out of a traditional bed, heat and massage capabilities are desired and you feel that it would be more comfortable to sleep in a partially inclined position. Just as other beds, electric beds are offered in twin, double, queen, dual-queen, king and dual-king sizes.

If space is a problem, there are wall-hugger models that will conserve floor space. There are also choices of the type of mattress that is available. These include the coil-spring mattress and memory foam mattresses. Some of the advantages noted for the memory foam mattress are that it will conform to your own individual body shape and contour and if two people are sharing the bed, each side can be individually adjusted to the needs of that individual. Some of these mattresses come with a wireless remote control and the ones that can be adjusted on each side have individual remotes.

Electric Adjustable Beds can be situated to fit individual needs. The head can be elevated or both the head and the feet can be elevated at the same time or the feet only can be elevated and if your preference is to sleep in the flat position, this is also possible. Electric massage is available on some models and some come equipped with a heater for warmth if this is needed. Whatever your particular needs are, you are sure to be able to locate a suitable product if you do your homework and investigate all of the various options before you make a decision on what is best for you. Hopefully, with the right adjustable bed, many peaceful nights of sleep will be in your future.