Electric all-terrain vehicles are considered to be a good alternative to using gas powered engines. There is a great concern about the environment and these ATV vehicles are an effective solution to the current global warming problem.

The use of electric all-terrain vehicles has become very popular because of concerns about the environment. They are suitable for small farms and ranches which want to save on costs and reduce emissions. The ATVs provide good torque but they the range they offer can be limiting sometimes therefore they are can only be effective on small pieces of land.

Advantages of Electric ATVs

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One of the concerns that people have when it comes to using electric powered vehicles is that they will have to compromise on performance in order to enjoy alternative fuel options. With electric all-terrain vehicles, this does not have to be a concern. These cars tend to be easier to operate compared to the ones powered using gas. They also produce less noise when they are in use. Most of the models that are now available in the market are able to achieve very high speeds just like the gas powered ones.

The use of these cars is an advantage because manufacturers have taken advantage of innovative production techniques which apply the principles of recycling and this reduces adverse effects on the environment. The principles applied during the production of these unique vehicles are meant to reduce fuel consumption.  The air filters are made of reusable foam and their air filter oils are biodegradable therefore you get great performance without affecting the environment.


A gas powered car usually costs about 10 cents per mile while an ATV will only set you back 4 cents for each mile it covers. One of the main advantages of these cars is that you can simply plug them into your household electricity without the need for additional equipment. If you are interested in making more savings, you can also choose to power the car with basic solar charging equipment. This makes it a greener option and you actually save more because you do not have to use electricity.

Electric all-terrain vehicles are different from gas powered ones because the engine is replaced with an electric motor. An electric motor gets power from controllers which are operated by rechargeable batteries. The electric motor has a lot of wiring compared to a gasoline engine which produces a lot of pollution.

Choosing the right ATV

When you are choosing an ATV, you need to determine how you want to use it. There are some which are designed with a lot of speed and offer more range. This is similar to the gas powered ones but it is also possible to get some which are quiet and their speed is moderate.

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The cars are usually compact and very powerful and this allows them to handle various jobs. They can be also be used for racing and vary in terms of power and size. There are some models that are designed for young riders and others which are more powerful. In most cases, the cars are designed for terrain that is not paved including snow, gravelly roads and dirt trails. It is not safe to use them on paved areas because of their tires.

Another benefit offered by the electric powered cars is that they are low maintenance. This is one of the most important factors for farm and ranch owners who rely on the cars for various tasks. With the electric ones, you will spend less time and money carrying out maintenance. This saves on costs and you do not need to have any mechanical skills to make sure they are working properly at all times.

Vehicle Models

There are various models that are being offered in the market and most of them have been designed to compete with the gas powered ones. Majority of them are small and can have a 60 volt system and 20Ah storage with 1.2 kWh. This may not seem like a lot of energy but it is reasonable.

In most cases, the wheel hubs of these cars measure about 8 or 12 inches in diameter and are 8 inches wide. They usually have aluminum wheels but it is also possible to get some made of steel. The wheels are also available in a various colors including black and chrome.

The cars have stock tires which are considered to be all purpose. They offer optimum performance in different weather conditions. It is possible to upgrade the tires on the cars but you need to consider how you will use them before you change them. For riding in difficult terrain, you need to get tires which have aggressive tread and large bars to make it possible for the car to dig into the ground. This is also a good option if you intend to ride in snow.

Choosing Treads

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If you want to use your ATV to carry out a variety of tasks in your farm, you should avoid using aggressive treads because they can mess up the lawn. A shallow tread is a good option for flat terrains because they help to spread the car's weight to prevent it from sinking into the ground. For those who ride the cars in icy and snowy conditions, it is better to get some compound tires which are designed to provide maximum winter traction. There are some tires which come with some steel studs which are suitable if you require traction to ride on ice. It is also possible to wrap some chains on the tires to increase traction.

In most of the modern electric powered off-road cars, the engine is connected to a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). This means that you do not have to keep shifting gears because the car is able to select the most appropriate gear ratio for the speed you are using.


In conclusion, most people are embracing machines that do not have an adverse effect on the environment and these cars are proving to be an effective solution to the pollution problems that the world is currently facing. Apart from reducing pollution, the cars are designed to offer adequate performance for off-road riding. This makes electric all-terrain vehicles suitable for farms, ranches and motocross racing.