In this age of comfort, who wouldn't like to take advantage of the advanced technology and have their homes fully automated? We now see on TV robots that clean your home, automated machines that iron your shirts or devices that can cook in your place. Electric blinds are one of the latest crazes when it comes to automation and motorization of household items. They are suitable for situations when somebody is ill and cannot get out of the bed, so he or she would need to ask for help with all details, including opening or shutting the window blinds, which can become quite embarrassing after a while. Another situation in which motorized blinds can ease your life is the one of very high windows, that are extremely hard to reach without climbing on a stair or on a piece of furniture. For such windows, going electric can be very convenient. Museums and tall buildings are in this situation.

However, electric blinds have more advantages than allowing you to lay in bed while changing their position is such a way that you don't get bothered by the day light in case you feel like sleeping some more. Electric means cordless and cordless blinds will take away the danger of having your kids or your pets injured by those tangling cords.

Electric blinds are in fact just any type of regular window treatments with a tubular motor added at the top rail, in a cassette. Now you have two options: to have the electric blinds wired or operated by remote control. If they are wired, you'll have to get those wires through the wall and to add a switch very similar to the lights switch. This can be a lot of work and if you have no clue about such things, you'd better hire a specialist to do it for you.

The second automation option is by remote control. The remote is operated by batteries, but for the shade motor you can have it on batteries or connected to the main power supply of the house. Buying electric blinds will need you to allocate a higher budget, as they don't always come cheap. But if you don't want Somfy and Hunter Douglas, you can as well buy common Venetian blinds or Roman shades and motorize them yourself.

If you buy the motor and the remote, you can turn your regular window blinds into electric ones in less than half a day. Here's a video of somebody who managed to come up with an interesting and personal version of electric blinds.