Are you are looking for an electric crepe maker? Look no further! Here are some general information about the electric crepe maker and where to get them for cheap.

Tibos Electric Crepe Maker

The electric crepe maker is generally higher priced than the stovetop type but they provide an easier making experience. The surface of the appliance is flat for users to place the batter onto it using a special T-shaped spreader. You can buy this spreader in shops and also on Amazon. The mix is spread evenly on the hot surface and waited until it turns golden brown. Most of the appliance's surface is made of non-stick material for easy use and cleanup. It also allows you to spread the mix without it getting burnt so easily. They come in different sizes depending on your preferences. You would find that the 13 inch one is very common. These appliances come in different wattage, making your cooking time vary. A more powerful one would reduce your cooking time, allowing you to make more crepes. There is also a thermostat for you to adjust the temperature of your cooking.

Popular and Famous Brands

Villaware Electric Crepe Maker

The most popular model from Villaware is the V5225. You can expect to be paying around $100 for this model. The design of this machine eliminates the necessity to swirl the batter around. Quicker and easier to use than a skillet, this appliance simplifies the cooking of crepes. Besides being non-stick and easy to clean, it also has a thermostat which controls and tells you when it's ready.

Tibos Electric Crepe Maker

Two popular models from Tibos is the Tibos Chromed and Tibos Krampouz. Both cost around $160 and comes with a ladle, rake, spatula, recipe booklet, brush and spreader device. Having a diameter of 13", this model has a smooth, non-stick surface for you to spread the batter evenly. The Tibos electric crepe maker is perfect for those who like a hassle-free way of making crepes.

Maxim Electric Crepe Maker

A popular model from this manufacturer is the Maxim CM5. This appliance resembles a frying pan turned inside out. Users have to preheat it and dip it directly into the batter and wait until the ready light turns on. When the light turns off, flip it over and you're done. By dipping it into the batter instead of pouring the batter in, you can ensure that you get the right thickness. It has a non-stick surface and produces 7 1/2 inches crepes.

Cheap Electric Crepe Maker - Where to find?

You can buy a cheap electric crepe maker if you know where to look. Most people prefer to buy them online because of the low prices they offer. Here are some common places where people search: - A great site to look is on the Amazon website. They are home to a wide selection for you to buy an electric crepe maker. Here, you can find many brands on sale such as World Cuisine, Tibos, Cucina Pro and Villaware. Prices range from $60 to $200 depending on the type and make that you want. You might even be eligible for free shipping on Amazon, helping you save more money. - This is another excellent site for you to shop for a cheap electric crepe maker. You can find them new or used on this website. I would recommend that you get a new one if money is not a big issue because of the warranty you get with the product. New ones usually come with a 1 year warranty. You might pay lesser for a used one, but it may break down and you would have to buy a new one. - You can also get your electric crepe maker on This website offers a wide selection of brands for you to choose from. Prices range from $40 to $1700 for higher end models.

Browse through all of these sites and make a comparison for yourself. A good idea is to open up the pages side by side and compare the features and prices of each model. This way, you can slowly eliminate those that do not fit your requirements or budget. Good luck on your search for a cheap electric crepe maker!


If you are looking to sell crepes, you might want to buy a commercial electric crepe maker instead.