There are a number of tactics out there that are used in trying to train dogs to stop barking. Dogs bark to communicate with each other, but when the barking becomes obsessive or it seems to never stop, it's time to do something about it. But what? There are obedience classes for dogs, but those can be costly. A couple of inexpensive tools that can be used are something that the dog should be wearing anyway, collars. These devices aren't just any kind of collar though, they are training devices that help stop barking dogs.

Electric Dog Collar

The electric dog collar, also known as a shock collar, is a type of no bark collar that has a microphone in it. Whenever the dog barks, they will get a shock. There are different settings, essentially different shock strengths depending on the size of the dog and the severity of their barking. A lot of people find the electric dog collar to be inhumane because it works by causing physical pain to the dog in an attempt to get them to stop barking.

Though it may work to stop them from barking, it can cause social and emotional problems in the dog. That can leave owners with even more problems to deal with than what they originally started out with. There are also photos and videos on the internet that also show dogs who have gotten burns or who have lost fur in places around their neck around the shocking area.

Citronella Bark Collar

The citronella bark collar works somewhat similar to an electric dog collar, but without the electric shock part. Instead of a shock, the dog will get a gentle spray of citronella misted up towards their noses. The citronella collar has a built in nozzle and a small microphone. When the dark barks, it gets picked up by the microphone and then they will get misted with the citronella.

This type of no bark collar is not harmful in any way to the dog. It's safe, it's more humane and they're relatively inexpensive and proven to be very effective. You can find them for under $40 online and that is much less than what you'd pay for training or obedience classes.

Which Dog Bark Collar Should You Choose?

The type of dog bark collar that you choose is entirely a personal preference. If it is decided to go with the electric dog collar, be sure to read all of the materials that come in the packaging to be sure you begin with the right settings for your particular dog. Always start out on the lightest setting. If the dog doesn't respond to it, gradually increase the strength.