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As a mother of two, I understand how much it means to you that your baby gets the best nutrition possible, and I know that only breast milk can offer your baby a perfect food source. I also understand that many of us either want to, or have to go back to work, or that there may even be a latching issue that makes breastfeeding impossible. If you're reading this, then you are motivated enough to give your baby what's best, no matter what it takes. Pumping is a great way to give your baby what nature intended even when you can't feed them directly from the breast.

With my first daughter, I decided to try breastfeeding and I honestly didn't think I would like it, but to my surprise, it became one of the best things I had ever done and I was awed by how much enjoyment both me and my daughter got from it. After 6 weeks of maternity leave, it was time to go back to work and I knew I had to continue giving my daughter breast milk as long as I could. So, out I went, in search of a pump… This can be a difficult decision that will affect your ability to continue to produce the milk your little one needs. If you are working full time, like I was, you will need to pump about 3 times during an 8 hour shift. Take that and multiply it times 5 days a week, and that's 24 pumping sessions each week, or nearly 1,200 times per year! That is a lot of time spent hooked up to a pump, so you want to make a good investment and get the most for your money. Check out my electric, double breast pump review to help you make your decision. The prices I list are only the "list price" on each pump and in almost all cases, you can get the pump for MUCH cheaper than the list price, so make sure and shop around! I highly recommend purchasing your pump from a reputable online dealer!

-Ameda Purely Yours Dual Electric Breast Pump $214.20

This is a pretty standard pump with no extras. It has independent suction and speed settings for optimal milk production. For this price, the Ameda Purely Yours Dual Electric Breast Pump comes with 2-4oz bottles with tops, an AC adapter and the built-in battery pack. For $319.00, you get the pump, 6 bottles with tops, 2 extra valves, 3 sets of custom fit flanges, AC adapter, car adapter, manual pump adapter, built-in battery compartment, Cool N' Carry tote with cooling element and a pumping pad for a clean pumping surface. This pump had some really great reviews including the fact that it is quiet enough that the user can talk on the phone and the person on the other end can't tell that they are pumping! The only negative I could consistently find is that there is no carrying case for the base model.

Of course, there are always, with this pump and the following pumps, exceptions where someone had problems with the product. Each woman's breasts are different and each baby nurses differently, therefore, a pump that 90% of women hate will still have a couple of mom's that love it. I have tried to look at all the reviews from several sites and check for issues that occurred consistently enough for it to constitute an actual issue with the product.

-Avent Isis iQ Duo $350.00

This pump has some great features. You are able to start the pump manually until you find the rhythm that is closest to your baby's nursing patterns and when you find the right pace, you can press the memory button and the electric pump will kick in with the same rhythm. This leaves you will endless possibilities for speed and "pull" length. Included with this pump is the AC adapter, 2-4oz bottles, 2-9oz bottles, tote bag, 2 bottle stands, 2 shield covers, 2 nipples, 2 travel covers, 2 Thinsulate storage bags, 4 cooling gel packs, 2 drawstring storage bags to hold pumping units, quick start DVD and 2 let-down massage cushions. People had a lot to say about this pump! There are great reviews on the performance and very little issues with mechanical problems. One of the positive features of this pump is that the cushions that fit inside the flanges help to spread the suction over the entire areola instead of focusing only on the nipple. There were some issues that came up consistently in my research; this pump does NOT work with standard-sized bottles so you will need to invest in some Avent bottles unless you want to wash them after each pumping session. There is only 1 size of flanges that comes with this pump and you cannot order a different size. This could be an issue with many women because with the cushions in, the flanges are only a 25mm size and when the cushions are removed, it becomes a 27mm. An odd issue that came up again and again was that the parts that make up the manual pump were not included in the box! There were also instances where the 9 oz bottles were not included. This struck me as odd. Several women called the company and Avent sent the parts to them, but the problem seems to persist in surprising numbers! Another thing that is important to note is that you cannot purchase replacement parts anywhere, they must be ordered from the company and can take some time to get to you.

-Bailey Medical Nurture III $155.90

From what I could find on this pump, it seems to be a perfectly good pump and the price is right. The only negative thing that I could see was that one reviewer said they had to frequently replace parts because they continued to wear out. The Bailey Medical Nurture III breast pump comes with 2 bottles, 2 filters & 3 o-rings (not sure what those are for!) This pump can be used as a double or a single pump and has 4 suction levels.

-First Years miPump $88.99

This pump has 8 suction settings and the two bottles are connected together so that they can both be held with one hand, leaving you free to do whatever with the other hand. This pump can be operated by electricity or battery. The First Years miPump kit includes 2 flexi-fit breast shields, AC adapter, 2 wide-neck bottles, 2 travel covers, 2 bottle covers, 2 nipples with rings, 2 milk storage bags, 2 lanolin-treated nursing pads and a tote bag. I could only find a few reviews on this pump and most of them were fairly middle-of-the-road reviews where the user didn't love it or hate it, but at that price, what can you expect? There was one review where the mom said that milk would get into the tubing very easily (whenever she had to bend over or lean forward during pumping) and the directions said to NEVER wash tubing. I couldn't find any other similar complaints, but I, personally, don't like owning something like this that I can't wash or sterilize!

-Hygeia EnJoye $249.99

This is a piston-driven pump that has speed and suction levels that can be set independently. One really neat feature of this breast pump is the ability to record up to 20 seconds of your baby's noises (laughing, crying, eating…) and play them back to help stimulate your let-down. The Hygeia EnJoye pump kit contains an AC adapter, 2-27mm flanges, 2-8 oz Mother's Milk storage bottles, 2 nipples & 2 pump filters. If you want to pony up more dough and pay $329.00, you get a battery option where the pump comes with a rechargeable ion lithium battery, tote bag, storage cooler with ice pack, a zipper bag and everything that comes with the basic model. I could only find 2 reviews on this pump, but they were both 5 star reviews that had only good things to say about this system.

-Hygeia EnRiche $269.99

The Hygeia EnRiche pump has independent speed and suction settings, 20 second recording ability, and an external battery pack that requires 8 AA batteries to operate. This pump includes an AC adapter, messenger bag, cooler with ice pack, zipper bag, 2-27mm flanges, 2-8oz bottles, 2 nipples with rings and 2 filters. Just like the other Hygeia, I couldn't find much in the way of user reviews on this pump. I only saw 1 review for 4 stars. You'd be taking a chance, but the brand seems decent to me.

-Medela Freestyle $375.00

This is a hands-free pump that will save your preferred speed and suction settings at the touch of a button. The Medela Freestyle comes equipped with a rechargeable battery so you don't have to keep purchasing replacement batteries. It has an LCD screen with an easy-to-read digital display. This pump comes with everything you need to make your pumping a hands-free experience. This includes an adjustable waist belt, adjustable bra straps and also comes with a cooler, a tote bag and a breastfeeding guide. The reviews on this pump seemed pretty middle-of-the-road with most people being satisfied. The rating was brought down by a review where the user loved the pump but accidentally gave it only one star. Another reviewer commented that she could never get the complicated, hands-free system to work for her. I, personally can't see how a couple of straps would hold this pump firmly enough to the breast to create an air-tight seal. I also think that the Medela Pump In Style Advance is a better breast pump and it's cheaper!

-Medela Pump In Style Advance $349.99

This is a pump that I can personally review. While I didn't have the advance version of this pump, I have had my Pump In Style for 4 years and I LOVE it! I have never had one moment of discomfort or pain with this pump and with my first child I was pumping 3 times a day, 5 days a week for a little over a year! The only thing that ever needs replacing is the little rubber discs (membranes) that sit inside each plastic elbow that attaches to the flanges. I have only had to replace these twice, so I don't think that's too bad. If you also purchase the awesome steam sterilization bags, this pump is a cinch to clean in the microwave, or you can toss the parts in the dishwasher. The Medela Pump In Style Advance has this great 2-phase suction that starts of with a rapid suckling motion to better simulate your baby's natural nursing pattern. After 2 minutes of this, it switches to a longer, deeper suction motion to maximize milk collection. One of the best things about this pump is that the motor is integrated into the bag so there is no unpacking to do, you just open the outer flap of the bag and hook your tubes up to the motor. This pump kit contains 4 collection bottles, 2 stands, cooler with ice pack, AC adapter, battery pack, 2-24mm breast shields, & 2 extra membranes. I have heard some reviews complaining of milk getting into the tubes, but I've never had an issue with this. I highly recommend this pump to anyone and it is one of the most trusted names in home breast pumps.

-Playtex Petite $119.95

This little pump got some pretty good reviews, most of them indicated that it was a great pump for the price and did what they needed it to do. It has 3 adjustable suction levels. The Playtex Petite breast pump comes with 2 Playtex Drop-Ins system bottles with nipples, 10-4oz Drop-Ins liners, AC adapter, 2 liner rings and 2 extra pump valves. The negatives to this pump are that it is quite loud and I saw a few reviews complaining that the plastic part that attaches to the pump breaks easily. Another issue was that this pump seemed to take much longer than other brands to get the same amount of milk.

-Lansinoh Double Electric $149.99

The reviews for this pump were less than desirable. Some of the complaints included that it was noisy and that the pump emitted a beep with each pump cycle. Even some of the 5 star reviews complained of the beeping. I also heard some complaints about this pump being slow. The Lansinoh Double Electric breast pump does not come with any extras, you get the pump and the bottles and that's it!

-First Years Natural Transitions Double Electric/Battery Breast Pump $52.99

One of the neat features of this pump is that the two sides of the pump are held together with a "T-bar" so that you can hold it with one hand and leave the other hand free for reading, texting, or holding your head up while you take a nap! The First Years Natural Transitions breast pump comes complete with an AC adapter, storage base, 2 lanolin-treated disposable pads, 2-5oz bottles with nipples, a wide-mouth bottle adapter, carrying case and a cold pack. The reviews for this pump weren't great, with the main issues being that it didn't have enough suction and that it was noisy.

-Evenflo Comfort Select $59.99

This pump was the first one I owned and it went straight back to the store. The first day my milk came in, my breast were engorged and sore and my daughter couldn't keep up. I needed something fast to relieve the pressure so I ran out and grabbed one of these. Let me just say, "OW!" This thing hurt. To be fair, part of that may have been that I was already in pain from being so full of breast milk. The part that I can't forgive this pump for was that it didn't pump out ANY milk! Here I was, ready to burst and this pump couldn't do anything. If you've already had a baby and breastfed, you know that when your milk comes in, your breasts can be hard as rocks! This pump didn't have enough suction to stand up to the engorgement that I was throwing at it and I ended up spending a painful 1/2 hour hand expressing what I could. If you're thinking of picking this pump up, buyer beware, I hated it!!

Well, that covers most of the breast pumps that you're going to find on the market today. I didn't review any hospital-grade pumps because the average new mom doesn't have $2,000 to spend on a breast pump and many moms prefer to rent them rather than purchase them. I hope that after reading my review of electric, double breast pumps, you have a clearer idea of which one will be right for you. If you plan on having more children after this, I would recommend purchasing one of the slightly higher-priced models on this list because, in my experience, and that of my friends, you get what you pay for in the world of breast pumps! Good luck and happy pumping!

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