Dayton NewAir G73

Why you might need an electric garage heater?

The task of heating a garage with an might seem like a challenge. With the wide open space, concrete floors, limited insulation, and leaky doors and windows, it might seem like you might as well attempt to heat the whole outdoors!

Luckily there are electric shop or garage heaters that can really keep you comfortable while being as efficient as possible. Chosen properly, garage heaters can be inexpensive to buy, simple to install, easy to maintain, and cheap to run.

How Electric Garage Heaters Work

These types of garage heaters convert electrical energy into heat by passing large amounts of current through a resistor. Then a fan forces air over the heating element (resistor) and pushes the heat into the room you are trying to raise the temperature in. Most Dayton garage heaters have thermostats built in that tell the heater to turn on or off based on the temperature you would like the room to be.

Benefits Of Electric Garage Heaters Vs. Oil or Gas

The simplicity of an electric heater is enough justification for many users to purchase one. However there are other benefits to choosing electric over gas:

1. Ease of installation: No pipe lines, no exhaust lines necessary. Simply drop power and turn it on.
2. No odors, or combustion: The bi-products of many alternatives to electric heaters can be harmful to not only anyone in the garage, but also to the environment. There are also no foul exhaust odors using an electric heater.
3. No open flame: Open flame heaters that run on gas or oil run the risk of catching built of dust or particles on fire. Electric heaters have no flames, and automatic shut offs if the heat gets too intense.
4. Reliability: Electric heaters tend to be much more reliable than other alternatives because they have no moving parts outside the fan system.

Why Choose The Dayton NewAir G73 Garage Heater?

The Dayton NewAir G73 is one of the most powerful and efficient garage heaters available for the money. It can heat over 500 square feet more efficiently than oil or gas burning alternatives, and is much easier to install. Unlike propane heaters which emit carbon monoxide (meaning you have to leave a window open for fresh air) the NewAir G73 can be used at maximum efficiency with no fumes or odors, meaning you can keep all of your heat inside your garage.

Whether your garage is a full time workshop, or you just need a warm place to work on hobbies on the weekends, installing an electric garage heater can be the most cost effective way to keep comfortable all winter.