Lots of people are looking for electric guitars under 100 dollars, but are still a little wary on how good these cheap electric guitars are. Let me tell you this, obviously they are not going to be as good as your top end guitars, but if you shop around you can pick up some fantastic electric guitars for well under $100. Let's take a quick look at a few of the different places online that you can buy cheap electric guitars from.

Electric Guitars Under 100 DollarsThe first place online that we are going to look at is Amazon, this website is huge and is one of the most popular online retailers that there is. Plus what I like about Amazon is that you can read online reviews of each guitar before you part with your hard earned cash. One model of electric guitar for under $100 that is listed on Amazon is the Sunburst Acoustic Electric Guitar. This model is extremely cheap and at the time of writing this article is only going to set you back $89. This full size right handed acoustic guitar has a spruce type top cutaway with a rosewood fingerboard. It also has peg head tuners 3 bass and 3 treble with sealed die cast machine heads. The overall length of this guitar is 41.25 inches and it weighs around 15 pounds. At the moment there is no customer reviews on amazon for this electric guitar, so its a bit hit or miss whether or not this guitar is a good cheap guitar.

The second place online that we are going to look at is the big online auction website eBay. This place is huge, meaning lots and lots of people selling electric guitars. If you don't mind using and buying second hand stuff then you are in a shoppers paradise. You can pick up so many electric guitars under 100 dollars on this website. And whats good about these guitars, they originally cost much much more, which means you are getting an high quality electric guitar for well under $100.

Ebay is a bit hit or miss, getting a bargain is all down to how many watchers and bidders there are on the guitar that you are interested in buying. The number one tip on eBay is to never make a bid till the very last minute, otherwise you will give the other bidders a chance to make a bid and bump up the price.

This is how you go about buying a bargain electric guitar under 100 dollars on eBay. You start off by searching for cheap guitars, and add the one's that you are interested in into your watchers list. Make a quick note of when the auction is ending and try to make sure that you are around when the auction ends. When its close to the auction ending, log into your eBay account so that you don't need to do this when you make your bid. Wait till the very last minute, synchronize your watch to the very last second the auction ends and make your bid with about 5 to 10 seconds to go. This will stop other bidders coming in and bumping up the price. Make sure that your maximum bid is the highest price that you want to pay for the guitar, that way if you get beat in the auction. You won't be upset that you missed out on a bargain electric guitar.