Cheap electric guitars for sale

Musical instruments under $200

Playing an electric guitar can be quite fun. For some, it is their way of earning money, while for others they play the guitar for leisure. People can buy electric guitars under $200. This price range is comparatively cheap yet the guitars are of high quality and can be compared to other guitars which are of high-class.

Some of these affordably-priced guitars that you can buy cheaply are:

1) Silvertone SS10 Citation Guitar

This guitar comes with a liquid black color and is currently priced $115.88 in Amazon. This classic guitar is precision-built and features a vintage tremolo for you to be able to manipulate the playing the guitar chords. The Silvertone Cheap Electric Guitars Under $200SS10 Citation Guitar comes with a complete amplifier package so that you can purchase the guitar with the package at a lesser cost. It also features three high-output single coils together with a 5-way selector switch. You can choose the volume of the guitar by manipulating its single and dual tone controls. You would definitely enjoy this guitar’s sleek maple fingerboard.

The amplifier that comes with your purchase is a 20-watt Smart II amplifier complemented with switchable overdrive, 6-inch speaker with 3-band equalizer. This musical instrument comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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2) You Rock Guitar YRG – 1000 MIDI Controller Electric Guitar

You can buy this guitar for $143.99. The You Rock Guitar YRG comes in black color is an advanced digital and MIDI guitar. It features 25 real guitar sounds. You can also jam to 25 songs and 50 drum loops using this model. You don’t need to tune it because this guitar contains 65 automatic internal tunings. You can also custom-make your own tuning up to 9 tunes.

The You Rock Guitar allows you to record your playing in real-time with its built-in recorder which also provides an input jack for you to be able to play with your favorite songs.

3) Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Junior Electric GuitarEphiphone Electric Guitar Under $200

Les Paul electric guitars are some of the most trusted brands of electric guitar. This limited edition electric guitar comes in a TV yellow color and is priced under $200, at $ 119.99 currently. This guitar is a favorite of rock and roll artists, blues singers, and to punk rockers.

Going back to the basics of making guitars, this Junior Les Paul edition has only one yet powerful Humbicking pickup. It features a Rosewood fingerboard which contains 22 medium and jumbo frets. Its guitar neck is made from mahogany wood has a SlimTaper neck profile. Buying this guitar entitles you to a limited lifetime warranty.

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4) Fender Starcaster Electric Guitar Pack

ColoFender Starcaster Electric Guitars Under $200red in candy apple red, this guitar has a price of only $164.50. Included in the purchase of this item are amplifiers and accessories that complete the purchase package.

The Fender Starcaster Electric Guitar can be played in all styles of guitar-playing. It is highly versatile and retains the legendary Fender tone that makes it one of the top choices of guitars by amateur and professional guitar players alike. This musical instrument features a 22-fret Rosewood fingerboard complemented with dotted inlays in some of its frets and has three single-coil pickups with a switching capability of a 5-way switch that gives the instrument its unique tone. The complete package includes all the accessories that you will need like the strap, guitar stand, guitar strings, and picks.

If you are budget is tight, you can buy one of these electric guitars under $200. You don’t only a cheap yet affordable guitar yet have also a musical instrument of high quality.