If your house has cold spots, meaning your upper body feels warm but your feet and legs feel cold, especially in your basement family room.... and where is that draft coming from? Then there are some alternatives to getting warm all over in your living room, bedroom or basement. Under floor heating. Electric heated floors are an economical way to go, also a easy install for under carpets.

Now before you hit the back button with visions of your floor being ripped out and lines of water filled pipes being installed (that is one way to go), there are many alternatives on the market now.

If you are for example, finishing your basement, and you want to install wall to wall carpet, then you can get what is called "under carpet heating" which basically looks like a heating blanket for your carpet. The heating elements are sandwiched between 2 insulating materials, to protect them and to deliver even heat.

It is rolled out and installed on top of your under padding for your carpet. So, you put down the under padding first, and then you roll out this under floor heating and connect it to the thermostat (you can get this in kits) and then you install your carpet on top of this.

This is a much simpler way to get electric heated floors without all the bother of a major installation. These heated mats, are designed to go under most floor coverings. But up until now, most under floor heating was reserved for concrete floors or tiled floors, somewhere, where there was some kind of stone product.

But with these new styles of electric heated floors, you no longer have to go that route. If you like the look and feel of carpet, then go for it. These sealed heated mats, heat through the carpet, which in turn heats you. It creates radiant heat.

There are different brands of this product, so compare prices in flooring stores and online at such places as Amazon. Electric Floor Heating Netmat 150 Sq"ft - Works Under Tiles, Carpet, Wood, Stone Etc. For Bathroom, Living Room, Bed Room Etc.

Follow the manufacturers directions for installation, or get it installed for you.

Even though these electric heated floors do run on electricity, they seem to keep a home warmer when the floors give off radiant heat rather than a regular heating system. You could use the electric heated floors as an addition to your heating system, and keep your regular heating system on low. It is still cheaper.


By heating from the floor up, you will not feel those same cold spots. This works really well in a basement setup, as most traditional heating systems in the basement, tend to have the heat registers on the ceiling and blow the heated air from there. This means most of the heat stays up there, and your feet and legs feel cold.

Many people will turn the heat up, which costs more and heats up the entire house, or they will install additional baseboard heaters or blower style heaters to add more warmth, or those electric fireplaces, all will cost extra on your heating bill, and you will still tend to get heated spots and cold spots. The cool thing about these under carpet heating systems, is that you can just turn up the heat in that room alone, and not turn up the entire house just to get extra warmth in one room.

By installing under floor heating, such as the under carpet heating mats, you will feel warm and toasty. So, if you are about to replace your carpet, consider adding under carpet heating.

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