Electric Log Splitters

No Gas Needed


Since the dawn of mankind, logs and wood have been employed in a wide variety of uses such as heating, furniture manufacturing and production of various substances such as maple syrup and cedar oil. Not only professionals but even home-based individuals are continuing the trend of log splitting until today, only now, they are equipped with high end, efficient equipment that produce maximum results in the shortest period of time. Electric log splitters are the perfect tools for any project or work involving the use of wood. From making furniture and house frames to simply producing firewood for the family, electric log splitters make the job faster, easier and more efficient.


In the past, producing the right size of wood from timber had been a very tedious and time-consuming process. Nevertheless it had to be done and people expended a lot of time and energy to produce enough wood and logs for their families and neighbors. Today, due to the recent innovations of engineers in wood production technology, many log splitters such as gas-powered and electric log splitters have been developed in order to suit various individuals’ wood manufacturing and consuming needs. Now, fathers and professional log and wood producers and splitters all over the world can spend more time with their families and maximize their time, effort and income in their production.


Electric log splitters are now widely used commercially, mainly for the production of pre-cut and standard-sized timber. For practical and efficient manufacturing, many companies and groups have devised electric log splitters as part of firewood processors which cut, split and carry wood from timber into an inclined conveyor leading to a truck or container to be delivered to various sectors and consumers. And due to the increasing, specific demands of the various sectors utilizing wood as an important element in their own production, electric log splitters with very specific and specialized applications have been developed. Some of these electric log splitters are ones being used in producing maple syrup which requires logs 4 feet in length and splitters which divide and point wood used as fences.


Not only for commercial purposes, even individuals who would rather produce their own firewood or test their creativity by creating their own specially-designed furniture can make use of electric log splitters. Investing in this luxury can go a long way especially since most electric log splitters nowadays have been designed for long term use and can withstand the test of time if utilized with proper care and precaution.


The wood produced using electric log splitters can be utilized for a wide variety of uses such as firewood, fences, frames for doors, mirrors and windows, furniture-making and in art. Limitless possibilities exist when it comes to the use of wood since it is cheap, sturdy and more accessible to the general public which is why investing in machines such as electric log splitters have only increased throughout the years.

Electric Log Splitter
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