Many people like to use an electric mattress pad to enhance their sleeping experience. They are becoming more and more popular and they ensure that you get a really good nights sleep no matter what the weather is. They provide a heat source below the body in your bed and you can have it on while you sleep. A lot of people choose to use the electric mattress pad all night, however some also choose to put it on before they go into bed, so that their bed is not so cold when they first jump in. This can always be a shock to the body and it is nice when you jump into bed and it is warm.

In the early stages of development electric mattress pads, which are also knows as electric blankets, were quite uncomfortable. You would go to sleep on them and you would feel it underneath your sheet. You could almost feel the wires and it didn't make for a wonderful nights sleep/ However now a days as they have evolved generally there is much better cushioning over the wiring and you can't feel that you have anything different in your bed at all. Most people that own these pads don't even feel much at all, other than the heat! Newer ones are also a lot more energy efficient, which is great as many of us are more conscious about the damage that we are doing to the environment. A lot of companies claim that their electric mattress pad can save you quite a bit of money if you use it during the night because you don't have to have the heater on to keep you warm!

One thing people often question is what if I am sleeping with someone? How can I use an electric mattress pad? Well that is an easy answer. First you can buy one that is just for single use and put it on your side of the bed. This means that you are isolated form your partner and you can just have the warmth on your side. You can also however, buy doubles ones that have separate controls for each side. This is an easy thing to get around. They will even be able to suit an adjustable bed mattress if that is what you use.

If you suffer from joint pain or arthritis then an electric mattress pad is really a great way to treat it. Most people know that heat does a lot of good for the pain that you suffer in your joints, and this means that you can have the heat on while you sleep, effectively treating your disease and symptoms whilst you are sleeping. There are many great benefits to owning an electric mattress pad, and for those cold winter nights, it really makes a big different to your sleep quality.