There are 3 basic types of patio awnings; the fixed type, the manually-operated models and the motorized or electric models. As the name implies, fixed awnings are those that are installed to be permanently fixed over the patio area. The manual and motorized models are given a retractable mechanism to allow storage when not in use. Of the three types, it is the manual and motorized awnings that are more adaptable to various awning applications. It minimizes its chances of getting worn and torn by prolonged exposure to elements such as wind, sunlight, rain and snow. But while both are retractable, it is the more sophisticated features of motor or electric patio awning that makes the most versatile awning you can own.

What is an Electric Patio Awning?

An electric patio awning is the type of awning model that runs on a motorized or electric powered mechanism to retract its shades. Its small 110V motor is strategically concealed inside the roller bar at its horizontal frame support to be given an all-weather protection. Usually, electric patio awnings do not have vertical supports, giving your patio area an unobstructed patio shade. With the advent of remote control technology, ease in operated is also incorporated in this type of patio shade. Aside from being operated by a wireless remote control or a wall-mounted switch, it also incorporates a wind sensor, which automatically retracts the shade whenever high velocity winds or critical weather conditions are determined. Hence, motorized or electric patio awnings offer ultimate operating convenience while adding classic and simple accents to your home patio or business setup.

Pros and Cons

In allowing you to control the discomforts brought by weather and control the terms of your patio awning's maintenance, the automaton system of an electric patio awning proves to be handy. Under the warmest summer day, this sophisticated type of shade can effectively make your patio area cooler as it may strategically be positioned against the radiating sunlight; therefore saving much on air conditioning costs. In keeping your tiles patio and patio furniture under the cool shade, it helps lengthen the life of your patio items, preventing them from fading against the sunlight. It can also provide your children with a more sheltered play area where they can spend fun time with their friends, pets and other guests.

Aside from increasing the usefulness of your patio, it also improves the curb appeal of your home. Hence, it appreciates the market value of your home, making it a practical home improvement project. It can also be used to cover your thermal solar panels and other expensive outdoor equipment for protection.

Perhaps the only disadvantage with an electric patio awning is its expensive cost. Surely, its quality and utility define its relatively expensive price. But as while it adds functional and aesthetic features to your home, it certainly makes a wise investment that incidentally fits your outdoor home decor.

Choosing the Right Electric Patio Awning

Choosing the best electric patio awning for your home usually means choosing from the right places. Seek the help of your favorite home improvement magazine in this regard. Look out for article features that discuss electric patio awning designs to get better oriented with all your awning options. The internet also proves to be a host of valuable information when it comes to your electric patio awning options. The ease and convenience of online shopping should help you look out for the better deals offered on motorized or electric awnings.