Getting an electric pool heater can be a great way to give your pool that warm water to enable you to dive in without having to experience that shock of cold water. It's a great way to give you access to the pool year round and enable you and your family to use the pool as a way to exercise as well. As you may know, swimming is one of the best overall body exercises. During the summer time, it's really a great feeling to be able to jump into the cold water to cool down from the sun. However, when it's not so hot outside and you want to go for a swim, having cold water can really make the pool seem uninviting. This article will be about electric pool heaters and some advantages as well as disadvantages of getting them. You will also learn about some other alternatives as well.

As mentioned above, one of the greatest benefits of having an electric swimming pool heater is that you will have the ability to warm up your pool and go for a swim even on a cool or cold day without having to experience that ice cold feeling when you first get into the pool. You will feel the chill when you get out but it will only be for a brief moment anyway. This will allow you to not have to not have your pool go to waste during the non-summer seasons. In terms of getting the most out of your pool, getting a pool heater is really the way to go.

In terms of choices that you have when it comes to pool heaters, electricity is only one of them. You also have the choices of propane heaters, gas, and always solar heaters. The solar ones are the cheapest to operate but when there is no sun, there's only so much they can do. An electric pool heater will be less expensive than the propane or gas powered ones, which is an advantage. The biggest disadvantage however, is that it will cost more to actually operate since you will be using electricity. It works very similar to the water heater in your home where it will heat up the water by using electric current that will run through coils. This is somewhat a slow process of heating water if you're starting from scratch just like a regular water heater.

When buying these heaters, you can find them online and see if you can get the best deal by quickly comparing prices between the many merchants. Typically, these types of heaters will run you around $500 or more. The cost will depend on the power of the electric pool heater. Unless you are a really hands on do-it-yourself type of person, you will want this unit to be installed by a professional to be on the safe side. Just keep in mind that there will be shipping charges when you buy online.

You may want to look at some of the other alternatives as well to see which ones will work best for you. If electricity costs in your area aren't all that high, then an electric pool heater can be a good choice. Otherwise, you may want to go for one of the other options to keep your overall expenses to a minimal. Either way, the end goal is to be able to have a heated pool where you can just dive in and just relax or get some exercise by doing laps whether it's sunny and hot outside or whether it's gloomy and cold outside. It's a great way to be able to get the most use out of your swimming pool year round.