Although flying a turbine model jet sounds tempting for most people, it is actually a lot harder than it looks. Anybody who has experience flying high speed RC planes will tell you that turbine aircraft are not meant for beginners. It is already quite difficult learning how to fly simple gliders as you will need to master basic moves like banking, ascents, and descents. With a high speed aircraft you must have instant reflexes in order to keep the plane under control.

If you haven't flown complex model planes before, then a turbine jet should not be your first choice of plane. Not only will you not be able to get all you can out of it, but also the slightest mistake you make can result in your expensive plane crashing. At such high speeds the plane will most likely be completely destroyed which can potentially cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

In order to properly fly a jet you must have extensive experience in flying all other types of RC aircraft. If you have no previous experience then you may want to start with a simple glider or propeller driven plane. These kinds of aircraft fly much slower than jets which make them a lot easier to control, this way you can learn the basics of flying such as turning, taking off, and landing, it will also help you to get familiar with controlling a plane with a remote. Once you have mastered this then you can take your flying skills to the next level. You still aren't ready yet for a turbine jet, but you may want to experience with less power jets like electric jets. These jets can still go at fairly high speed and are loads of fun, they are also a lot cheaper than turbine engines so they can be repaired and replaced easier.

Electric jets and pusher jets are also a lot easier to obtain than jets that run on gas fuel. RC planes with combustible engines are incredibly expensive to obtain so most shops don't have them available, if you do want one, you will most likely need to order it online or at an specialized shop. But electric jets are far easier to obtain and can be found at almost any electric remote-control store. This is because they are much cheaper which makes them simpler for shop dealer to obtain and sell.