No doubt with the economy affecting many families today, electric range cookers are fast becoming the most important appliance in the kitchen. Old family recipes are being used and eating out has now become a luxury for many, with that in mind, what should a person look for when seeking to purchase a new electric range cooker?

A person should consider their specific needs. A large family may require a range with a duel electric oven range. A busy cook may want a self cleaning oven. A family whose budget is tight may want something simple - no frills.

The prices vary according to the options available for the model you are looking at. Naturally, something simple would have a lower price tag. A two oven range would be more expensive than a single oven. Each feature adds to the price, much like buying a car. Asking to look at the different models available is very helpful in ascertaining exactly what you really want. It would be, at the very least, a good idea to get one with coils that are removable, with drip pans that easily come out, and knobs that are located at the top of the range for safety if there are children in the house.

Electric range cookers are preferable over natural gas for people with a sensitive nose. Gas has a peculiar odor and may be bothersome, whereas an electric range cooker has no odor, unless of course you burn dinner. Which would be difficult to do if you have several settings for the coils. Coil settings for the range top also vary. Some models have several settings and others have just a few. For the exacting cook, the model with several settings would be most practical.

Many of the ranges on the market now are equipped with a computer and digital screen as a control feature, but a person can still purchase one without the computerized control system. If the computer goes out, the repair price is more costly than just a regular repair, and the computer may have to be replaced raising the cost of repair even higher. If you live in an area with frequent electric outages, the clock will undoubtedly have to be reset each time. It is also a good idea to have an oven thermometer in case the computer readings are inaccurate.

Some ranges feature a convection oven as well, requiring shorter cook times. With today's fast pace, shorter cook times is definitely a perk. If that is appealing to you, you can ask the sales person to bring those to your attention.

With all of the options available to a person interested in buying an electric cooker vs gas cooker, there is much to consider, some prefer their kitchen appliances are all of the same brand - narrowing down the search for electric range cookers.