Electric ShaversThroughout history men have hated shaving, and there have been times for most of us when bleeding to death has been a distinct possibility. After the electric shaver was introduced, the threat of serious injury from a razor blade diminished greatly, but then the closeness of the shave became the major issue. There are ways you can use an electric shaver that will help you get the closest shave possible:

1. Find the best type of shaver for your beard - Electric razors come in two different types, there's the rotary head which spins up to 3 cutting foils as you move the razor over your face and the foil head where cutters move beneath a static foil head. If you're not sure which type would be best for you, read a shaver guide online. Both types are good, but it is generally accepted that a rotary foil will work better for you if you have a lighter beard growth. Foil heads are seen by some as being more old-fashioned, but they work well for heavier growths of beard.

2. It's all in the preparation - The best time to shave is just after you get out of the shower or bath tub, the heat from the water will have lifted and separated the hair making it easier for the shaver to cut. Preparing your beard with one of the many pre-shave gels or lotions that are available will also help a lot.

3. Go against the grain - I know it goes against how you have been taught to wet shave, but if you run your electric shaver upwards against the grain of your beard, you will lift the whiskers away from the face and allow the cutting blades to get nearer the skin. This will result in a much closer shaver than you might first think.

4. Take your time - The areas around your face cheeks and mouth can by shaved quite quickly, but the hairs on your neck and chin are more difficult to deal with. Spend a little time in this area and you will get results - when you first start using an electric shaver, this area can become sensitive and you might get a rash. This won't last long and your skin should get used to it within a week or so.

5. Keep everything clean - When you bought your shaver it came with a small nylon brush for keeping the cutting heads clean - all shavers come with these, even the top 5 electric shavers. You would be surprised how many men never use this handy little tool. To get the best shave and help your razor last longer, brush out on the little bits of stubble on a regular basis - paying attention to each cutting head in turn and the foil guard.